creative children compose music

A new music method
by Little Composers

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If this is your first visit here then please look at the app info pages before you load the app.

What's next?

Once a child outgrows miniMALs, it is ready to move up to the pre Piano Keyboard. Visual learners will quickly understand how to compose music with the help of the color-coded keys. To discover all the features, consult the pre Piano Keyboard app info page

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The Canadian team behind Little Composers have created what may be the best music apps for younger kids, and they’re available on all tablets, smartphones, Macs and PCs. ~
Kevin McGuire

Little Composers School of Music & Compositon

To get access to all apps and online classes, please pre-register for free here at the Little Composers School of Music & Composition. Scroll down to find out more about the “creative children compose music” method.


No. You can load miniMALs without registration.

Registration is only needed if you chose to enroll in one of our online music courses and classes. The LMS (Learning Management System) issues a music certificate at the end of each course and your registration info is used to populate the certificate fields.

No need to install anything. Your web browser can access all of the Little Composers educational apps and online classes.

We are currently implementing live chat and in the process of evaluating additional support options.
App info pages will have enough information to get you started and the online classes cover the apps in great detail.

No. Little Composers has no plans to place ads of any kind into the apps.

We just finished with adding new features to most of the apps. Therefore, the curriculum needs to be revised to reflect the changes.
This is a very time-consuming process but we should be up and running in about two weeks (end of March 2020?)

Pre-enrollment is available now and everyone who has done so will get notified according to what option they selected.

Speaking of help …
We are building this website, the apps and online courses for your children with the goal of fostering creativity. Composing music is the ultimate brain exercise and the earlier a child starts, the better the outcome.
Please provide some feedback of your browsing experience so that we can tweak and improve Little Composers for everyone. Thank you!