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A new music method by Little Composers

Welcome to the official website for the Little Composers School of Music and Composition. Little Composers publishes free educational music apps for young children and online classes for both mentors and students.

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Featured App

pre Piano Keyboard

After a child outgrows miniMALs, the learning continues with the easy-to-use pre Piano Keyboard app. The color-coded keys provide the ultimate learning experience for visual learners. You can load  the app after you watch the short introduction video

As a radio announcer it is very important for me to have my daughter involved in the world of music. I just want music to mean as much to her as it does to me. So it made sense to start her in it as soon as possible. I found Little Composers and instantly knew it was for us! It really is brilliant and easy to follow along. I highly recommend it for you and your “little composer”. ~ Trish W.

Free Pre Piano Lessons

Easy pre piano starter lessons are perfect for those who have outgrown miniMALs and the pre Piano Keyboard app.
You can watch a video lesson to get started now. Many more lessons are available for enrolled students

video explains free online piano lessons
Touch image to load video lesson

Little Composers School of Music & Composition

online music certificates for kids

If your child has an ear for music then start with miniMALs and if all goes well, pre register (optional) for our soon to be published online classes. 

  • Course duration: 2 – 4 weeks
  • Video and text-bases lessons
  • Various levels of support
  • Beautiful music certificates

Thank you for making time to play. In 10 years from now, you will be glad that you did.

Upcoming Online Courses

The Little Composers School of Music & Composition will offer the following online courses in the spring of 2020.

Early music education

  • Pre Piano Teacher
  • miniMALs 101
  • mimiMALs 102

Pre Piano Keyboard

  • CCCM 201
  • CCCM 202
  • CCCM 203

Little Composers Piano

  • COMP 301
  • COMP 302
  • COMP 303

Virtual Music Teacher

  • THEORY 401
  • THEORY 402
  • THEORY 403

Those interested in early music education can pre-register for the Pre Piano Teacher course now.

Supplemental Information

Q: Are these demo apps for non members?
A: These are full versions. Registration/membership is only for those who want to enroll in online courses.

Q: Are these apps available on iTunes or Google Play?
A: No. Everyone can access our early music education apps right here from the official Little Composers website.

Q: Do I have to download or install anything?
A: No. The apps open in your web browser regardless of the device you are using.

Q: I am on a limited data plan. How big are the apps?
A: You could compare an app to a picture taken on a smartphone. Here is an app list that includes the file size.

  • miniMALs: 966.0 KB
  • pre Piano Keyboard: 951.6 KB
  • pre Piano Lessons: ~1.6 MB
  • ear Training: 1.3 MB

Please note that previously downloaded apps open much faster because they are stored in the web browsers cache directory.

Q: How do I know if I have the latest version?
A: If a screenshot does not match your app or, if the course videos show newer features, then refresh your web browser.
Every time we tweak an app or add new features, we clear the server cache. This way, your device automatically fetches the new version whenever there is one available.

Q: Do you have more apps or is this it?
A: There are more complex versions which are not shown here because the advanced apps are meant to be used by those who take online courses. The Little Composers Piano is our most advanced app and can:

  • Compose play and edit an 8-bar melody
  • Convert letters to real notes
  • Stores up to 4 compositions
  • Upload a composition
  • Enter the Composition Contests

Q: I have an idea. How can I make a suggestion?
A: We constantly tweak the site and the apps based on user suggestions and welcome your input

News article excerpt
The Canadian team behind Little Composers have created what may be the best music apps for younger kids, and they’re available on all tablets, smartphones, Macs and PCs. ~
Kevin McGuire