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Our mission is to make children famous​

A new music method lets children compose their own music without taking years of lessons.   Previously, this was not possible. Now it is.





Newspaper excerpt The Canadian team behind Little Composers have created what may be the best music apps for younger kids, and they’re available on all tablets, smartphones, Macs and PCs. ~ Kevin McGuire

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Quick overview

Little Composers specializes in early music education.  Our students compose 80% of their music lessons with the help of easy-to-use apps.

How to begin

If your child has an ear for music then you can start with “NOAH 101” right now.  The lessons are free and the course app is included as well.

What do I need?

Ideally, you should use a tablet because a larger touch screen is better for younger children. An iPad would be ideal but Android-powered devices work as well.

the best music apps for young children
Little Composers turns moms into music teachers

Featured app

This one-of-a-kind app features a color-coded piano keyboard that instantly teaches visual learners how to compose their own music. *Younger children require supervision by an adult. Watch a short app demo video

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little composers music academy

Course Catalog

The Little Composers Academy is in the process of publishing online music courses for creative children.


  • NOAH 101
  • NOAH 102
  • NOAH 103
  • NOAH 104


  • COMP 201
  • COMP 202
  • COMP 203
  • COMP 204

pre Piano

  • LESSONS 401
  • LESSONS 402
  • LESSONS 403
  • LESSONS 404


  • THEO 501
  • THEO 502
  • THEO 503
  • THEO 504

UPDATE! NOAH 101 has been published on June 25 which means that you can begin now

Little Composers

Learn to sight-read music with this free app

32 out of 100 children were able to play the first lesson in 5 minutes or less.