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Easy to use music apps teach children to compose, edit and play their own music from the moment they start.  Previously, this was not possible.
Now it is.

miniMALs makes composing easy

Little Composers develops groundbreaking apps that appeal to visual learners and focus on creating music from the moment they start.

miniMALs is a symbol-based piano app with a built-in composition module that uses little animals instead of hard to read music notes.

Once a child is able to compose short two-bar compositions, she/he then is able to move up to the pre Piano Keyboard and continue with composing.

pre Piano Keyboard app (free)

Most children master miniMALs in just days or weeks and can move up to a more powerful app which doubles the length of a composition from two to four bars.

Color-coded keys make the transition quick and easy, especially if a child already knows the first seven letters of the alphabet.
pre Piano Keyboard has advanced features like rests and and easy to use “erase and replace” feature which allows the little composer or make corrections as desired.

What happens when a child outgrows the pre Piano Keyboard? Amazing things. Are you ready to once again double to composition from four to eight bars and even save and print a real music score? If yes, then you must check out the Little Composers Piano!


Little Composers Piano

Little Composers Academy app video

The Little Composers Piano app is the most advanced of our educational apps and even includes a music mentor. To make the most of this app, it is best to enroll in our “Creative Children Compose Music” online course.

We will announce the new start date of the next CCCM course as soon as the course revisions have been completed and approved. If interested, you can pre-register now
Everyone who successfully finishes a music class here at the Little Composers Academy receives a beautiful music certificate and gets their compositions published right here on the Little Composers website.

Select recordings will even get professionally recorded and awarded. If your child has an ear for music then make time and explore the music with the help of our educational apps. In addition, we offer ear training, pre Piano Lessons (app-based) and a Virtual Music Teacher app that teaches our little composers to sight read music.

Take a look at some of our free apps and if you are new to playing then begin with miniMALs because it’s the best and fastest way to understand how music works. Plato once said this:

I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.”

Ask anyone who plays an instrument or makes music with computers or apps. Thinking in musical patterns empowers the mind to understand and process concepts which are extremely useful in the world we now live in.

Robots and software are everywhere. Soon, cars drive themselves and behind all of that technology are brilliant minds that can compose those concepts and improve upon existing ways just like improving a composition.

The biggest advantage to developing a super creative mind is to start early and find the gifts which so often go unused. Give music a try today. You never now where you’ll end up and best of all, you can begin right now for free


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