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Founded by Ernst J. Renner, Little Composers is taking the music industry by storm with their next-generation apps. These intuitive apps are specifically designed for children to learn on their own. With just a little bit of guidance from a parent, even young children can become famous Little Composers.

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It all began in Austria ...

image of Ernst Renner who is the founder of little composers dot com Our story begins 32 years ago in a little town in Austria when a tragedy caused former principal Josef Wiesinger, OSR, to return from retirement to teach his last music student.
Back then, my 24 months of serving in the army band (E♭ trumpet) were almost over. Most Saturdays I had fun playing button accordion with a popular dance band and little did I know that accepting the organist position would change my life significantly.

At the age of 79, Mr. Wiesinger was no longer comfortable with playing the organ. Rather than showing me, he explained the concept of music in ways no one ever had before and a few months later, I was ready to fill the void. We kept on meeting frequently, often times for many hours as he continued to mentor me.
Many years have gone by since then and now I am sharing my apps and lessons on this website with you. If you are on Facebook then tell others about this website. You never know whose life you will change by doing so. Thank You! - Ernst J. Renner, Little Composers Founder

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The First Little Composer
Many years ago, a three-year-old girl with red hair wanted to learn how to play the piano.
I was able to convince her mom that this isn't really a good idea but I was not able to convince the little red head that she is way too young to begin piano lessons.

And so new music method was born

I will never forget our first lesson. I took a sheet of paper from the printer and traced her little right hand. Then drew little animals above the fingertips. At first, there were only five animals but since she was able to instantly press the corresponding piano keys, I added a two more which was enough to play real songs.
Because that experiment worked so well, I began to introduce other children by writing songs with animal symbols instead of notes and they too caught on instantly. Parents were delighted and I was baffled.

"With the help of some elephants, giraffes and alligators even the young ones can enjoy the gifts that music brings" Amy Catriona for The Express, Shaw TV Vancouver

Pre-Piano Lessons

After many many revisions, a new method began to emerge and I called it PRE PiANO.
After many years of teaching, I decided to make PRE PiANO available as an app-based learning method and made music apps for the Apple iPad and iPhone which, so far, have enjoyed over 70000 downloads.
NEW: RE PiANO is now available online and designed to simply open in a web browser which most children have access to, regardless of the device they are using.

Pre Piano® is now availabe on
Google Play iTunes and the Windows App Store

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"We are really excited that children all over the world are beginning to compose their own music and humbled by the fact that they choose our Little Composers apps to do so." Ernst J. Renner, founder of LittleComposers.com
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