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Lesson 02 is not that much different from lesson 01. The only thing that has changed are the notes in measure two. If you practiced the previous lesson well, then you will be able to learn this lesson without watching a video.
Don't forget to listen to the audio file before you start.

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This week's assignments are:
1) Practice Lesson 02 until you can play it two times in a row without making a mistake.
2) Play the previous lesson every day one or two times.
3) Take a look at the note names which are written below the notes.
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How to read music?
Learning note names and reading music doesn't happen instantly. It takes time which is why those who are impatient often give up early and therefore never manage to learn the note names.
Are you impatient and give up easily?
I hope you try to memorize the 3 notes names which you already play on the keyboard. Think like a hacker and reverse engineer music notation by making drawings and diagrams for yourself. That is the best way to learn not just note names but also web design and programming.

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