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image showing the premium piano overview diagram
Image 1 - User Interface

This HELP is the help page and has detailed explanations of everything you should know in order to get the most out of the Little Composers Piano app.

2 Record

Touch RECORD when you are ready to make a composition. The menu button will change color to show you that the app is listening and ready to record whatever you play. During recording, the SONG button will be replaced with the new REST button. This way, you can add rests to your melody as you play.

Image 01 shows what a finished recording looks like. To get up to speed fast, I recommend that you recreate this recording a few times.

How to edit the melody

Before you start editing (making changes), you should press the SHOW ME button and listen at least once to your composition. The most important part of composing is editing. Making edits (editing) simply means to change the melody.
Here are the steps:
While still in recording mode, tap on a note you want to edit. This will zoom in on that portion (measure) of your composition and the menu changes to display new functions which you can use to edit. Here is what the edit window looks like:

image showing the edit window
Image 2 - Edit Window

Important! Erase & Replace

To erase a note, touch the note name and then select REST from the menu.
To re-record a note, touch the note name and play a new key. You can do this as many times as you want. Press DONE to go back to your composition. You can make as many edits as you want.

3 Mentor

New composers might need a little help which is why we created a smart feature to guide you while learning the art of composing music. To have MENTOR assist you, touch the NEW SONG, MENTOR and RECORD buttons.
Once activated, you can play any keys that have a dark letter and continue doing so until the composition is finished. Note: Mentor mode is optional and meant to get you started fast.

image showing the MENTOR feature which helps new composers to make a nice song by suggesting which keys to play
Image 3 - Mentor Mode

4 Show Me

SHOW ME is by far the most often used feature. Every time you finish a recording, you should listen to your melody a few times because it is while we listen that we get inspired to make changes.
If you are new to playing the piano then play back the melody at a slow speed so that you can watch which of the keys move. This simple feature can teach you how to play your composition which is something you should aim for. At first, it might be hard but after a few days, you will master this skill if you don't give up.

SAVE and Publish Your Composition

To save your work, touch the RECORD button to turn off record mode and show the SONG button again. Touching the SONG button will open a new window like the one below.

  1. First, select one of four slots by touching it once
  2. Touching the SAVE button (menu) will store your melody.
  3. If you want to hear it, touch the PLAY button.
  4. To convert the letters to real notes, touch the SCORE button.

Play around with all the features and get to know them so that you can save and load your compositions if you want to make changes later on.

image showing how to store and save your compositons in any of the three provided slots
Image 4 - Save and Score

The DONE button exits song mode and returns you to the main app window. If you want to edit an existing song which was previously saved then you need to touch RECORD in order to make edits to the melody.

5 Real Notes
See your composition (SCORE) and (optional) upload it

As soon as you press SCORE, a new window will open up and write the notes for your composition. Your web browser might display a pop-up blocking the score feature. If that happens, simply "allow" it and watch as the notes are being written.

Parents! If you want, you can upload your child's composition to have it displayed in the Famous Little Composers Gallery
It's best to have a look at the gallery page and then decide if you want to take part. We look forward to hear your child's composition and hope that the experience will be a memorable one for the whole family.

image showing the piano note score which can be uploaded to enter the composition challenge 2017
Image 5 - Upload Composition

Master Class
Learn how to compose and make edits.

Bonus Video

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