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There are 7 points of interest you should get to know well in order to get the most out of the Little Composers Piano app.

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little composers piano introduction to the user interface
1 Display

The green display is the main point of interaction.
Inside the display window, you can edit, save and even score your composition.

Q: What does "score" mean?
After you save a composition, you can convert it to music notes by pressing the score button.

2 New Song

Use the NEW SONG button to delete an existing composition.
Hint: Save your composition if you want to keep if for later.

3 Record

Touch RECORD when you are ready to make a composition. The menu button will change color to show you that the app is listening and ready to record whatever you play. During recording, the SONG button will be replaced with a REST button so that you can add rests as you play.
How to edit a composition?
Touch the note you want to edit to open the edit window.

To erase a note, touch the note name (letter) and then select REST from the menu.
To re-record a note, touch the note name and play a new key. Do this as many times as needed. Press DONE to go back to your composition.

4 Mentor

To use MENTOR, first press the RECORD and then the MENTOR button.

Once activated, play only keys that show a dark letter and keep playing until you are finished.

cccm lesson 3 mentor mode

If you are not sure how to play your composition then turn on MENTOR mode to display the note names on the keys.

little composers piano mentor mode

5 Song

To save your composition, you must first turn off the RECORD button.

Press the SONG button which will bring up a new window like the one shown below.

little composers piano score windows

How it works:
Touch an empty slot (1) to select it and press SAVE (2). Empty slots show XXXX's instead of letters. Besides saving, you can also LOAD songs or clear songs that you no longer want to keep.

Being able to store 4 different melodies is nice because it gives you the freedom to experiment and make changes without losing your original composition.

6 Show Me

If you want to listen to your composition, then press the SHOW ME button.
Hint: The app animates the piano keys during playback which is helpful if you want to learn how to play your composition.

7 Tempo Slider

Use the tempo slider to adjust the playback speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register to use this app?
No. Registration is only necessary to enroll in our online music classes which issue beautiful music certificates upon completion.

Why can't I edit my composition?
When you load a previously saved composition, you need to turn on RECORD mode in order to edit.

How do I save my composition?
Turn off RECORD and press the SONG button.
Select an empty slot and press SAVE.

How to publish a composition?

  1. Turn off RECORD and MENTOR
  2. Press SONG to open the song window
  3. Select one of the 4 slots and press SAVE
  4. Press SCORE to convert the letters to notes
  5. Fill in your first and last name and press UPLOAD

How to enter the Composition Challenge?
Simply upload a composition and by doing so, you automatically enter the Composition Challenge 2017. Please make sure that you spell your email correctly so that your entry doesn't get disqualified.

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