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About the lessons

Pre Piano Lessons is a fast-progressing online course that lays the foundation for great things to come. Each lesson builds a specific skill and with a bit of practice, students can master the art of sight-reading music in just a few days.

The course takes a minimum of 17 days to complete but students are encouraged to take time and really practice each lesson as instructed.

The app does not just provide the piano keys and the lesson. You also get a built-in music teacher that plays every lesson for you (even the bonus lessons).

Lessons break-down

  • Week 1 starts with 5 easy piano lessons.
  • Week 2 Lessons 6 - 15
  • Week 3 Lessons 16 - 30
  • Week 4 Lessons 31 - 45
  • Week 5 Lessons 46 - 56

Week 1 and 2 can be taken without delay and if you practise every day, then you can finish all lessons in about 3 weeks.

NEW! Enrol in the pre Piano online class and earn a beautiful music certificate like the one shown below.

Show / hide the note names.

Plays the lesson for you.

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Help & Support

While the PLAY button is capable of demonstrating each lesson perfectly, students also get individual support from the course instructor. This is made possible via a dedicated forum which is reserved for enrolled students only. Each lesson has a link to the support forum and you can also post your questions on the Little Composers Facebook page (see footer for link).

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Actual Standard Course Certificate