Virtual Music Teacher™

Get started with sight-reading music and learning the note names.

1 Main Display

image showing a diagram of the free Virtual Music Teacher app

Thank you for downloading the free Virtual Music Teacher app.

This HELP page explains the 4 main features you must know to get the most out of this app.

When the app loads, the main display is blank and no notes are visible. You can play some melodies on the keyboard and when you are ready to sight-read music then press the GENERATE button to start.

2 Levels

Virtual Music Teacher comes with 200000 built-in lessons with you can generate, listen to and play. The lessons are divided into three levels of difficulty but still easy enough to help our little composers with learning the art of sight-reading.

  1. Level 1 consists of quarter notes with a half note at the end
  2. Level 2 consists of quarter notes with one or two pairs of eight notes mixed in
  3. Level 3 consists of mainly eight notes and some quarter notes

3 Generate

GENERATE randomly generates one of the 200000 built-in lessons, depending on which level you have selected. When you press the GENERATE button, a new lesson will be displayed in the main display area.
First, you should take a good look at the lesson because doing so helps memorizing what the notes look like. This takes some time so don't skip that part. After that, you can ether play the lesson or press the SHOW ME button and listen.

4 Show Me

One of the roles of a music teacher is to watch and listen if the student plays a wrong note. The SHOW ME button plays every lesson so that you can listen and watch. Visual learners will love the moving keys and figure out how to play the lessons in no time. Learning to play the notes is not easy so we've implemented an additional feature that helps in case you get stuck.

image showing how to find the name of a piano key

Special Feature for Visual Learners : Touch the Notes
If you are not sure which note to play then simply touch it. This will do two things. First, the key which corresponds to the note you touch will turn blue and second, the note name will show in the main menu.

5 Get Started Video

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