Virtual Music Teacher / Getting Started Video

1 User Interface

image of Virtual Music Teacher app user interface

Thank you for downloading the free Virtual Music Teacher app.

We just updated Virtual Music Teacher!
The new version has many improvements and comes with a quiz that tests how well you know this app.

Quick tip: When the app loads, the main notes display is blank.
Touch the GENERATE button to get a new lesson.

2 Levels

Virtual Music Teacher is able to generate 1000's of unique lessons listen to and play. The lessons are divided into 4 levels of difficulty but still easy enough to teach beginners the art of sight-reading music.

  1. Level 1 consists of quarter notes with a half note at the end
  2. Level 2 consists of quarter notes with one or two pairs of eight notes mixed in
  3. Level 3 consists of mainly eight notes and some quarter notes
  4. NEW Level 4 extends the upper note range

3 Generate

Every time you press the GENERATE button, a new lesson will be displayed in the main display area.
App fact: The chances of getting the same lesson twice are 1 in 200000.

4 Show Me

The SHOW ME button plays every lesson while you listen and watch the keys move.

Special Feature: Visual Learners can now touch the Notes!
If you are not sure which key to play then simply touch a note and watch.

image showing how to find the name of a piano key

5 Ask us a Question

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banner image showing a 3D render of the pre piano keyboard