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The Virtual Music Teacher Quiz is back! If you know the app well, then you can take the 10-question quiz and post your score to the leader board.

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Virtual Music Teacher

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The Virtual Music Teacher app user interface has four areas of interaction.
Display, Levels, Generate and Show Me.

1 Display

Virtual Music Teacher is designed to teach you more note names and how to sight-read music. All of this happens in the display area which is touch aware. That means that you can touch the notes when you need help.

If you remember that you can touch the notes at any time then you will be able to learn to play the lessons much faster.

2 Levels

Virtual Music Teacher is able to generate new lessons that you can listen to, play and learn from. The lessons are divided into 4 levels of difficulty but still easy enough to teach beginners the art of sight-reading music.

  • Level 1 consists of quarter notes with a half note at the end
  • Level 2 consists of quarter notes with just some eight notes mixed in
  • Level 3 consists of mainly eight notes and some quarter notes
  • Level 4 extends the upper note range to the high C

3 Generate

Every time you press the GENERATE button, a new lesson will be displayed in the main display area.
App fact: The chances of getting the same lesson twice are 1 in 200000.
Having such a huge pool of lessons available prevents memorizing and thus builds sight-reading skills much faster.

4 Show Me

The "SHOW ME" button plays every lesson while you listen and watch the keys move.

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Special Feature: If you are not sure which key to play then simply touch a note and watch.


Our latest app, PRE PiANO LESSONS is based on Virtual Music Teacher and comes loaded with 56 lessons. Check it out!
How to use this app: Just load the lesson  and press PLAY.