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App introduction video

Get our most popular app from your favorite app store and empower your child to create. In 10 years from now you will be glad you did!


As soon as you turn on RECORD, you ARE composing.


Making changes is easy. Just touch a letter and play a key.


Visual learners will benefit from using MENTOR.


Save up to 4 different melodies or variations.

Show Me

Watch and learn how to play your composition.


Instantly converts the letters to real music notes.

App Description

The Little Composers Piano is the only app that enables kids to instantly compose, edit, play and publish (optional) their own music without taking years of music lessons.

Prerequisites: Knowing the first 7 letters of the alphabet.

App Features

  • Mentor Mode guides beginners
  • Edit Mode allows for easy and quick changes
  • Song Mode stores multiple melodies
  • Teaching Mode plays your melody for you
  • Publishing Mode (optional) turns your compositions into real music notes
    and much much more

Mentor Mode:
The Little Composers Piano is our first app which has a built-in mentor. It's like having a real composer by your side to learn from. When in SONG mode, the PLAY button plays everything you record, including all the edits and previously saved songs. There is no limit to how many edits can be made and best of all, you can store three additional variations with your original melody and publish the one you like the best.

cccm lesson 3 mentor mode

Edit Mode:
The app features a dedicated edit window (see screenshots) which lets you focus on any given measure. Once a composition is finished, you can listen to it, play it on the realistic sounding piano keyboard and even save it for later use.

Teaching Mode:
Pressing the SHOW ME button brings every composition you make to live and teaches you visually how to play what you have created. The playback slider lets you select the right tempo to maximize the learning experience.

Song Mode:
What good would it be to come up with an awesome melody if you can't keep it? The Little Composers Piano stores four compositions. The four slots can either be four separate compositions or the main theme with three variations.

NEW! Publishing Mode

Here is how you publish a finished composition. In SONG MODE, press the SCORE button to convert the letter to notes. See image below.

how to publish a composition
Publishing Mode

Publishing Mode:
Publishing is optional and those who do will their your work to the world. This is how fame begins. It all starts with a few published compositions and as they say, the rest is history. What melodies will you come up with?