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The fast new music method for visual learners is here!

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If you want to give your child a head-start then you can get this ground-breaking app today for free!

Color-coded Keyboard

Visual learners are having a blast with the Pre Piano Keyboard app.

220000 + Combinations

Creative minds know no limit and neither does the Pre Piano Keyboard app.

Explainer Video

The app introduction video shows how to compose and edit your melody.

Well Documented

The Pre Piano Keyboard app comes with a built-in help page and support form.

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Pre Piano Keyboard for Kids

App Description

Most music students can't compose music. To fix this, Little Composers set out to develop a handful of apps that focus on composition the moment a child starts learning.

The Pre Piano Keyboard features six recordable keys which, in combination with the red and white fields, can produce over 220000 unique melodies.
Each melody can further be edited because the app allows recording "over" any field by simply touching the field and then play a new piano key. The help page has a detailed explanation on how to erase and replace a note.

Knowing the first 7 letters of the alphabet.

App features:

  • Easy color-coded learning method for visual learners
  • Allows for 220000 possible compositions to be made
  •  The app can play every composition made with it
  • Every note can easily be erased and replaced
  • Dedicated help page and getting started video

How to use the Pre Piano Keyboard app:

There are only 3 rules that need to be followed in order to make a nice sounding melody. They are:

  1. Red keys fill the red fields
  2. White keys fill the white fields
  3. Always end the composition on a C

When ready, press the RECORD button and play any of the red keys until all 4 red fields show a letter. Then, play only white keys until all the white fields are filled. Finally, play 3 more red keys to finish the composition.

NEW! As of version 1.3, the app can also record rests with is a game-changer for more advanced musicians. Rests make a melody sound more natural and to record a rest, simply touch the REST button in the menu.
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Help and support

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get app support?

All of the Little Composers apps come with a dedicated help page which can be opened right from within the app.

Press the HELP button on the app menu to access the latest information plus a contact form.

What age group is this app for?

Originally, we've made the Pre Piano Keyboard for young children who have outgrown the Pre Piano Lessons app.

The target age group are children who know the first 7 letters of the alphabet and visual learners of any age who want an alternate method of learning how to play the piano.

Anyone, regardless of age can learn the basics of a 2-chord composition fast and the app is used by children as young as 4 years and seniors who want to keep their minds busy.

Verdict: Ages 4 - 88

This app is too easy. Do you have something more advanced?

Yes. The Little Composers Piano app is built on the same foundation as this app but has powerful features that enable older children to compose, score and publish their own melodies.

Why can't I record the last white key?

After extensive testing, we've limited the app to 6 recordable keys.

The reason for doing so was simply based on the fact that using only six keys speeds up learning. After all, 220000 possible combinations ought to be enough to master the skill of composing.

The good news is that the next app you should use when you outgrow this one is capable of over 1 million combinations. If this app is too simple, then try the Little Composers Piano instead.

What is a "Rest"?

A melody is made up of a series of notes. Each note makes a sound but sometimes, it sounds better if there is a short moment of silence.

The silence in music is simply called "rest" and serves the purpose of making a melody more interesting to listen to.

Almost all songs that are famous use rests but when just beginning to compose, you can skip them.

I want to review this app. Can I have a promo code?

Yes. Simply tell us the name of your blog or how you are planning on reviewing the Pre Piano Keyboard app and we'll gladly send you a promo code for your device (iOS, Android and MS Windows).