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It takes only 3 steps to master this app. (scroll down for video).

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Actual app screenshot

You can get Pre Piano Lessons for your device from your app store now and start your child's first music lessons today!

App Features

Simple User Interface

The UI is so simple that a 3-year old can instantly understand it.

Explainer Video

Scroll to the bottom of this page to watch a short video.

Built-in Lessons

Generate 1000's of unique lessons with the push of a button.

Turtle or Rabbit?

The built-in music teacher plays every lesson perfectly.

App Introduction Video

pre piano lessons app animals turtleApp Description

Pre Piano Lessons is a new interactive music method that transforms kids into little composers. The application was specifically developed for visual learners who learn faster by constantly creating and analyzing different musical patterns.

The app features a well-tested user interface which is so intuitive that even young children can figure it out the moment they start. The big animals at the bottom act as the keyboard and each animal name represents an actual piano key. Camel starts with the letter C and if you played the camel next to a real piano, you would get the same sound as the C key makes.pre-piano-lessons-app-animals-octopus

The smaller animals are used to compose a short melody which is done by simply touching the arrows. But the real magic happens when touching the octopus button. From that moment on, it’s all about listening, watching, hearing, modifying and most of all, learning.

Pre Piano Lessons is just the beginning and those who outgrow the app can continue learning with “Pre Piano Keyboard” (next app) and finally move up to the “Little Composers Piano” which is a more sophisticated version of Pre Piano Lessons. During a two-year testing period, parents gave us a wealth of feedback and because of that, the Pre Piano Lessons app is now the best it can be.
If you want to encourage your child to create music on his own, then don’t hesitate and download the app right away as you are bound to enjoy this experience.

Yes, this app comes with a dedicated HELP page

If you child loves music then make time and play together.
In 10 years from now, you will be glad you did.

Animals Have Names

Mom! If your child is still in the pre-reading stage, then you should watch this video to learn the names of the animals. The first letter of each name is the name of the actual note that plays the piano sound.
Example: Pressing the camel will play a C note. Camel starts with the letter C. The same is true for the other animals.