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Virtual Music Teacher

Get this must-have app for music students who need to improve their sight-reading and music notations skills fast.

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App Description

Virtual Music Teacher is the 4th of the "early music education" app series and specifically designed for beginners and self-taught musicians who want to learn how to sight-read music and the note names.
Virtual Music Teacher is extremely powerful and capable of generating over 100000 different lessons. Each lesson can be listened to and the animated key feature makes this app perfect for visual learners.

Four levels of complexity provide the ultimate learning experience for those who are just starting as well as for those who already know some of the note names.
On top of that, Virtual Music Teacher is very easy to use. If you can touch (or click on) keys and notes, then you can learn how to read music!

Hint: You can touch each note to reveal which key you need to play. This is a huge advantage and combined with the "SHOW ME" button, you have all the tools you need to succeed.
We are grateful for your ratings and improvement suggestions and look forward to adding new features that help you to become a great music student which solid sight-reading skills.

App Features:

  • Virtual Music Teacher is smart enough to generate 1000's of unique lessons per level
  • Special feature: You can touch the notes to see which piano key to play
  • NEW! Keys and notes animate which makes it easy to follow along
  • During playback, the note name will be displayed above the keys
  • Once you know the app well, you can take the VMT quiz to test your knowledge
  • Virtual Music Teacher comes with a dedicated HELP page

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn the note names?

Every time you touch a key or note (white music note inside the blue windows), you will see the note name displayed on the app menu (centered right above the keyboard).

What is the VMT Quiz?

Virtual Music Teacher is going to be a full-blown teaching app and while we are working on the actual online classroom, you can take the VMT quiz to learn and test what you have learned.

I need to ask a question about VMT

With the app loaded, open the help page by pressing the HELP button which is located on the left upper corner.

The help page includes a form which is read buy the developers who will be able to provide more information about Virtual Music Teacher.

Can I make a suggestion?

Yes. Little Composers welcomes your improvement suggestions not just about this app, but about all of our apps and the web page.

Just use the contact form and tell us what we should add next

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