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Little Composers Piano Master Class

Helpful information for new composers

When you fill all spaces with notes or rests, then you have a composition. The person who makes compositions is called a composer.

The Little Composers Piano subdivides a composition into 8 smaller segments. Those segments are called measures.
Each measure can hold 4 notes and any note can be replaced with a rest.

A rest is easier to understand if we think of is as a silent note. Adding rests to a composition often makes it sound more interesting than if there were just notes. But it depends on the melody. Sometimes it's OK to just just notes.
The more you compose, the more you will develop a feel for when to use a rest and where to use it.

Editing means making changes and happens when the recording process is finished.
The Little Composers Piano can remember up to 4 of your compositions and you can load those into memory at any time to do so more editing.
The right edits can improve the melody and if you are not sure, you should store (SAVE) your composition before you make edits. Then save your improved version into a different slot so that you can compare the original recording with the edited one.

This app has a special feature which lets you publish a saved composition to the Famous Little Composers Gallery.
To do so, press the SCORE button and watch.

Can't see the SCORE button?
Turn off RECORD mode and you will see the SONG button. Press SONG, store your composition and then SCORE it.

Learn how to compose and publish your music

This video was made with the premium version of the Little Composers Piano which is used by music teachers. You can follow along and reproduce what you have learned on the regular version. If you are a music teacher and want to use this app to teach your students how to compose music then contact us to find out how you can get this app. More info about memberships can be found on the membership options page