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App Update! Virtual Music Teacher

Virtual Music Teacher was just updated and is now exclusively available on the Windows Store.

If you have previously installed the app, then you will get the latest version automatically which means that you can enjoy the new features now.
If you haven’t yet installed this amazing app that teaches new music students and self-taught musicians how to sight-read music then use this link to get Virtual Music Teacher for free

Virtual Music Teachers is the only app (we know of) that teaches sight-reading music. A quick google search defines “sight-reading” as: read and perform (music) at sight, without preparation.

Sight-reading is a sought after skill and those who have mastered it are in a league of their own. Imagine yourself picking up a newspaper and you have to spell out half the words and string sentences together like someone who just started school. Would you enjoy reading any story? Probably not. The same goes for music. The fun starts when you can sight-read and Virtual Music Teachers is designed to point kids in the right direction. Let’s look at what the app can actually do and later, we’ll dive further into the concept of music and analyze how it is doing it.

App Features

  • Generates over 100000 built-in lessons
  • SHOW ME plays every lesson for you
  • Touch the notes to reveal the key to play
  • 4 levels of complexity (and growing)
  • Dedicated help page with explainer video
  • 10 quiz questions test and reinforce the lessons

Besides the features listed above, the app comes with high-quality piano sounds and a beautiful user interface.

Generating an unlimited number of lessons

Officially, the app is able to generate 100000+ lessons with the touch of a button but with the addition of the new level, the number is so high that we are scared to print it. The chance of generating the same lesson twice is 1 in a million which means that no one will ever play the same lesson twice.

Why so many unique lessons?
One of the reasons why some children have issues with sight-reading is based on the fact that printed music is easy to memorize. Music teachers assign certain lessons and exercises every week and if a child then practices and does all the assignments, she/he will begin to memorize the music after a few days. In one way, that’s a good thing but as far as sight-reading goes, it’s a different story.
Based on many years of teaching music, Virtual Music Teacher was specifically designed to address the problem which is why we came up with some sophisticated functions that eliminate memorizing altogether.

The students agree

Virtual Music Teacher is exclusively available on the Windows Store which all devices that run Windows 10 can access. Everyone else can visit the Little Composers website and open the same app right in the web browser
Hers is the download chart from the Microsoft server taken today, January 23. This graph does not yet show the data for the latest version which was just approved today but we are confident that the downloads will increase sharply.graph image of virtual music teacher downloads


The future of Virtual Music Teacher

Online learning is everywhere and more and more music teachers offer “virtual” music lessons. Little Composers believes that music is an extremely important part of a child’s education and therefore is dedicated to continuous development of this amazing app which was originally designed and copyright in 2013.

Apps alone are not enough
Little Composers established itself as the go-to place in early music education and now that the first four apps have been published, we focus on app-based online music lessons which will be available via the Little Composers School of Music and Composition

Soon, anyone who wants to take music lessons can simply do so by taking online classes at the Little Composers School of Music and Composition. We are already working the first courses and will be fully up and running by the fall when school starts again.
Each class comes with an app that is specifically designed to enhance the learning and videos will do most of the teaching. Those who enjoy learning can test their knowledge by taking exams with are embedded in the lessons. Everyone who passes the final exam with the required passing grade will receive a beautiful certificate of completion which can be downloaded and printed.

If you have a child that shows interest in music then make time and play together. In 10 years from now, you will be glad you did.

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