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Best Free Music Apps for Teachers

Little Composers specializes in developing the best free music app for music teachers and parents who want to give their children a head-start when it comes to music lessons.

Creative Children Compose Music

This app teaches the fundamentals of music composition and is so easy to use that even young children can compose a 16 note melody in mere minutes. The PLAY button will play every composition a child makes and an intuitive erase and replace mode provides an easy way to edit the composition until it is perfect.

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This app is ideal for self-study and also for music teachers who want to introduce their students to composing their own lessons and little songs.

Where can I download this app from?

Creative Children Compose Music is currently available on iTunes and in the Windows App Store.

The latest version with additional features is available directly from the makers and to use it, you simply go to the Little Composers website and open it right on your device. Registration is fast and free and once you have done so, you can access three more apps.

Little Composers constantly updates each app and soon, children and music teachers will be able to export a real music score which can be uploaded to the Little Composers website for publishing.

If you are a music teacher looking for free music apps for your classroom or students then simply visit Little Composers and download the best music education apps for free. We welcome your feedback and advice regarding the apps and hope to get to know you better because together, we can make the best piano apps for kids to learn and play with.

Virtual Music Teacher

The companion app to CCCM is the brand new Virtual Music Teacher app which is available in the Windows App Store and as already mentioned, also for our registered members and their little composers. VMT works differently than CCCM and puts the focus on sight-reading music as well as learning the most important note names.

We hope that you will find these music and piano apps helpful for your classroom and if there is anything we can do to make it easier for you to implement them in your curriculum then do let us know. We do all the development in-house and are able to makes changes on a daily basis.

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