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  • prePiano for Moms
  • pre-Piano Keybaord Course
  • Learn Note Names

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  • Music Composition 1
  • Music Composition 2
  • Music Notation 1
  • Music Notation 2

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“As a radio announcer, it is very important for me to have my daughter involved in the world of music. I just want music to mean as much to her as it does to me. So it made sense to start her in it as soon as possible. I found Little Composers and instantly knew it was for us! It really is brilliant and easy to follow along. I highly recommend it for you and your “little composer.” Trish W.


No. All of the free content does not require registration. You get instant access.

They should because most smartphones, tablets, Macs and PCs support web apps.
Why not load one of the free apps and give it a try? If one app works, then they all do.

A child should be exposed to music before birth and for the first three years, the activity should be limited to singing, listening and clapping. At the age of three or four, a child can start to use a toy instrument or apps like the prePiano series listed in the “free apps” category.

When done, simply pres your web browsers back button. Returning to the previous page will automatically close the app.

Little Composers provides free help and support for everything we publish.

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  • pre Piano miniMal help
  • pre Piano keyboard help
  • pre Piano lessons help
  • Hear the music help
  • Virtual music teacher help

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If your child loves music then please make time to play.
In 10 years from now you will be glad you did.

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