Little Composers publishes educational apps for creative children and online courses that teach composition, sight-reading and ear training. This blog post has a brief introduction of our best new music apps.

  • NOAH
  • prePiano Keyboard
  • Little Composers Piano
  • Little Ear Trainer
  • prePiano Lessons


NOAH is the first in the educational music apps series and caters to visual learners even if they are still at the pre-reading stage. The interface uses symbols instead of notes which speeds up the learning process tremendously. Here is an image of the UI.

What makes NOAH special is the fact that even young children can almost instantly use the app to play and sight read music which would not be possible on a conventional piano keyboard. If your child has an ear for music then check out NOAH 101 which is a free course anyone can take right now.

prePiano Keyboard

When a child outgrows NOAH, she/he can move up to the composition courses which come with more sophisticated apps.  the prePiano keyboard app uses a color-coded keyboard which speeds up learning tremendously. Here is a look at the app interface.

The prePiano Keyboard app was custom designed for the COMP 201 course which uses advanced teaching techniques that appeal specifically to creative children. 
Visit the COMP 201 course page to learn more about this app and the Creative Children Compose Music method.

Little Composers Piano

COMP (composition) 202 and 203 use our most advanced apps which go beyond composing music. The Little Composers Piano app can store variations and convert the note names to a real music score.  Students who enroll in the 203 course will publish their music to the Famous Little Composers Gallery.  Here is that app which makes all of then and then some happen.

The newest feature, MENTOR, guides our little composes and helps them come up with amazing melodies.  Learn more about the advanced composition courses here at the Little Composes School of Music and Composition.

Little Ear Trainer

Composing music is the ultimate way to learn but there is more to music than composing and playing.  To make sure that our students hear the music just like you can hear words that are not yet spoken, we’ve created a special app that functions like a game and keeps score.
Here is an image of our Little Ear Trainer app.

ear training app for children

If you look at the notes, you’ll see that there is one missing. To solve the lesson, the student first listens to the melody and then fills in the missing note.   The course page for this app is begin created right now.

prePiano Lessons

So far, we’ve established the foundation with NOAH, then moved up to composing music and ear training.  To help our little composers with playing their own compositions perfectly, we’ve developed a series of progressive music lessons that are played on the prePiano app series.

You can check out the 400-series of online lessons right now. They are available for free to anyone who registers an account.  Here is the first course module prePiano 401

Music Theory

The 500 courses are designed to teach our little composers the theory behind the music. The courses cover music notation, note values and everything our students need to fully understand the music they compose.
Hopefully, the short introductions and course links have demonstrated what Little Composers is all about. Music is amazing and changes lives. A world without music is unimaginable.

online music certificate for children

Thank you for reading about our new music apps and courses for creative children. If you child has an ear for music then make time and play. In 10 years from now, you will be glad you did.

Helpful links:

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How to be an amazing teacher
This article is for parents who are starting with NOAH 101 and meant to help them becoming an amazing teacher. 

Thank you for reading. Little Composers welcomes your comments and suggestions and if you want to help, then please tell others about the Creative Children Compose Music method on your social media pages.

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