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The future of piano lessons

Every piano has a story

I am always amazed about how many families own a piano. The reason for having a piano is often because someone is taking piano lessons or, someone has taken piano lessons. The title of this blog article is about music lessons in 2020 and beyond. The focus of this blog article is on technology which has already begun to change the way we learn.

Before we get into the future of learning, we need to understand how conventional piano lessons work. The concept is a simple one. Someone wants to take piano lessons and so it all starts. A parent then needs to organize an instrument which means a trip to one or more music stores unless some aunt or uncle is volunteering to donate their unused piano. Either way, lessons start every fall and without an instrument, the hunt for a piano teacher is pointless.

The next step is finding a music school or piano teacher close by. This is usually done by referrals from neighbours or friends who are already taking piano lessons. Once the instrument is in place and the lessons are booked the excitement begins.

Lesson one and the first music book
The first music lesson is the best one. Everyone is happy and the teacher plays for the student and mom gets to listen while fighting temptation to glimpse into the future when her little girl or boy will be a famous performer or teacher …
Lets move to lesson two and the actual first music lesson with instructions. Page one, lesson one and 30 minutes later a high-five with a reassuring “good job” slur. Everyone is happy and so it continues for a few weeks. Christmas concert followed by a period of little progress often blamed on the fact the kids love to play with the toys Santa brought.
Then things get serious. Year-end concert (a scary experience which has brought tears and fear to many children with no end insight). Those who do well are happy to come back after the summer and start grade two piano. Those who are not doing well don’t look forward to another repeat. This experience repeats two or three years and finally, mom says it’s OK to quit. If a younger sister or brother is starting or taking piano lessons then the instrument will continue to get played and if not then the family own a piano and it always amazes me how many families own a piano (which is how this blog article started).

Piano lessons in 2020 and how technology is changing them

I hope that the above story didn’t scare you and if you have or know someone who has a piano sitting in our living room then you surely understand the point I am trying to make.
Every once in a while, things change and the world moves on. Remember when you where little and after every family vacation film had to be dropped off to get the pictures developed?
We don’t do that anymore because that process has been replaced a few times. First came the digital cameras and then the smartphones which not only take amazing pictures, but also give you a way to share them on your social media pages.
As you can see, technology is replacing old slow processes everywhere and online learning is now part of that trend as well.

What can you learn online? Perhaps it would be easier to mention what can not be learned online because as things stand now, online learning is everywhere. Just like smartphones replaced the way we look at pictures, apps replace the way we learn. Take a look at YouTube. It’s one of the most busiest sites the internet offers and you don’t have to search long before you find valuable content which, just a few years ago, was unthinkable. Want a Harvard business class on the latest start-up strategies? No problem. Want music lessons? No problem.

Little Composers (www.littlecomposers.com) realized this trend a few years ago and begun to develop educational apps which enable young children to learn how to play piano online. Back then it was a theory but now it has become reality and children everywhere are beginning to learn about music with easy-to-use, intuitive apps that run on devices they already have.
If your children are curious about music then you are in for a treat. There is no need to go piano shopping just yet and no need to wait until school starts because the internet starts new students every day and every hour and every minute with no end in sight.

Press Release


App Allows Children To Compose Music With No Prior Experience

[Vancouver, BC] – July 22, 2015 — LittleComposers.com announced today the launch of their newest app, PRE PIANO. Registration is free for everyone until August 31, 2015.

The app is specifically designed to teach children between the ages of 3 and 8 how to compose and play hundreds of different melodies from the moment they start. Children are like sponges when it comes to learning; it’s important to expose them to making music early because it nourishes their creativity.

“Little Composers aims to teach children how to learn and compose music online,” said Ernst Renner, founder of LittleComposers.com. “Our apps are unique and do not use colour-coded keys because this technique does not require creativity and dilutes the creative process.”


The PRE PIANO app is available on the LittleComposers.com website only. The app emphasizes creativity instead of imitating or replicating others’ music. The PRE PIANO app comes in three modules to teach children about different lessons, keys and notes. Thanks to the app, children can compose, play and learn hundreds of different melodies every day.


38 out of 100 children are able to compose their first song in less than 10 minutes using the PRE PIANO app.


Also available is the PRE PIANO KEYS app for children 5 and older. This app will be the next step for children who have already learned the basic lessons. And the PRE PIANO NOTES includes real piano notes and keys to bring children to the next step.

For more information, please visit LittleComposers.com.

About Little Composers

Founded in 2014 by Ernst Renner, Little Composers is taking the music industry by storm with their PRE PIANO apps. These intuitive apps are specifically designed for children to learn on their own. With just a little bit of guidance from a parent, even young children can become famous Little Composers

New Music Lessons Apps for the Classroom 2015

Little Composers just finished preparing a special package for music schools who are searching for new music lessons apps for the classroom. 

Little Composers invites representatives of music schools and music studio owners to contact us so that we can assist you in preparing for the 2015 2016 school year. We are always working on new apps and because we have a long history of teaching, we understand your situation and will try out best to help and support you.

New Music Lessons Apps especially made to support music teachers

Many students love music school and look forward to each and every lesson. So much has changed and now that so many of the students have high end cell phones and tablet computers, music teachers are beginning to take advantage of the readily available technology. There are all kinds of apps out there and just looking for something specific can be daunting.


This app is ideal for music students who already know some of the note names and whose teacher is keen on introducing them to composing their own music. Little Composers has all kinds of PRE PiANO apps for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. If you are interested in mentoring your students and guiding them as they begin to compose music then check out all three of the PRE PiANO titles and give your students the very best apps available.

Supplemental music apps for the classroom

Some of our educational apps for Little Composers are especially designed for teaching the note names. Both, treble and bass clef versions are available and help new students with memorizing the note names faster. Later, we will also release more titles with teach chord names and chord progressions to help music students understand and expand their composition skills.

Creative Children Compose Music

To learn how Little Composers came to be visit our website and check out the about us page

Free Beginner Piano Apps for Young Children

Little Composers just updated the apps page which provides an overview of all of our piano apps for beginners.


The first of three beginner piano apps for young children is called PRE PiANO LESSONS.
The name is perfect because this app actually teaches music lessons to anyone who wants to begin piano lessons, especially to young children of age three and up.
Because little children have a hard time with identifying music notes, the PRE PiANO LESSONS app starts off with six symbols which are instantly recognizable.
The symbols are animal pictures which have been chosen because of their names. The camel represents the C key and the dolphin represents the D key. Visit the PRE PiANO LESSONS page to find out about the names of the other animals we used and to give the app a quick try.

Registered members have access to all of our apps

If your child is interested in learning and making music then register so that you can access the advanced features of the PRE PiANO LESSONS app right away. Besides the composition module which allows for making changes to the melody, the app features three special buttons.

octopus app buttonThe most powerful button is the octopus button because it can compose hundreds of different melodies for you. Every time you touch the button, you create a new composition which can be changed or played just as is.

How to play a composition?

Looking at a new composition and wondering how it sounds is no fun. Therefore, Little Composers included a special playback feature which plays what ever the composition modules displays. This way, learning is a lot more fun and for those who need to listen a bit more carefully, a special “turtle” button was added which, compared to the “rabbit” button, plays the songs slowly.

Visit LittleComposers.com and check out out little story which tells you how the PRE PiANO series of free beginner apps for young children came to be. On the top right corner of our homepage you will find a support link as well as a way to register and log in.
We look forward to welcome your child as a new little composer and hope that you both enjoy the musical journey.

Do it yourself music lessons

image of do it yourself music lessons

Our “do it yourself music lessons” are cheap and just as effective as taught by a music teacher. – Ernst Renner, Little Composers founder

Calling all moms!

For many people, lessons of any kind are a big luxury especially now that everything has become so expensive. Little Composers has just developed a new music method which is perfect for moms who want to teach their children music lessons.

Mom, my first music teacher

What? That is the usual reaction when we show parents the Creative Children Compose Music method from Austria. At first, parents are certain that they can not teach their child or children because they never had music lessons, don’t read music and worst of all, have no way of providing an instrument.

Little Composers provides:

  • The virtual instrument
  • Over 1000 unique lessons
  • A user interface which takes seconds to learn
  • A built-in virtual music teacher … just in case

You provide:

  • A little bit of time
  • A willingness to praise your child
  • Encouragement

Does this sounds like something you want to know more about?

Let’s look at the Creative Children Compose Music method in more detail.

How do we get the music apps?

Visit www.LittleComposers.com and give them a try right now. Depending on “when” you read this, you might even get a free premium membership or, sign up for a free membership which gets you all the apps you need to start teaching your child.

Depending on your child’s age, you might want to start with PRE PiANO which was custom designed for children of age three and up. Or, if your child is around five years old, then try PRE PiANO KEYS which uses real looking piano keys instead of animals.
Ether way, you can start learning right away and you will be amazed how fast your child will grasp the basics of music. And the best part is that you too will learn something and one day, your learning experience might just be so interesting that others want to hear about it too.

With over 1000 lessons, you and your child will have plenty of material to discover and perhaps, if inspiration strikes, you might even enter the composition contests and become famous.

Hello Little Composers

Little Composers turns Moms into Music Teachers and Children into Little Composers

Little Composers is a new music teaching and learning concept that is currently free. Mothers can download the apps and introduce their children to the joys of music and composing.
The Little Composers Pre Piano lessons have been designed for children as young as three. While the quality of the musical lessons is high and the programming is superb, the lessons help children understand the meaning of notes by simply substituting animals for note symbols.

A Constructive Activity

Children will be able to quickly identify the notes and the symbols by matching the sounds with the images of elephants and giraffes. This enables mothers who are anxious to introduce music and composing to very young children to do so without having to first teach them the various musical notations.
While mothers are aware that children respond to music and have an innate ability to create and compose music, they are deterred from encouraging their child because of time constraints and lack of knowledge.

Promoting that Creative Spirit

The little Composers Pre Piano lessons bridge this gap and enable mothers to make their children famous composers in their own right. All that the mother has to do is download the app and guide her child to use it. Once the system is set up, the mother has to play the role of chief cheerleader and encourage her child to practice daily for 10 to 20 minutes. By constantly praising and encouraging the child and her endeavors, the mother will be able to make sure that the child soon composes her own music.
The children can try and compose by making small changes to the tunes already available and creating a composition that pleases them.
Mothers can then upload the composition along with a picture of the child onto the Little Composers website and ensure that their child becomes famous immediately.
The Little Composers app can be opened on any web browser and device, enabling mothers to keep their children creatively occupied. While Little Composers recommends the Chrome browser, the app is also tested for Firefox, Safari, and Windows.

Fun Activity for Mother and Child

Little Composers Pre Piano is a fun activity that unleashes the creativity of the child and the child in the mother. The app currently supports about a 1,000 lessons and more complex ones are being developed. As the child progresses in her skills, she should be ready for the advanced lessons that will be made available soon.
The Pre Piano lessons are suitable for all age groups. While children as young as three have benefited and enjoyed the lessons, mothers too can hone their musical skills or learn along with their child.
Little Composers and Pre piano lessons are designed to be taught by the mother at home. All the mother has to do is encourage her little one and ask questions and shower praise. This emotional support will help the child associate positive feelings with music and encourage them to continue practicing and composing, becoming famous in their own right.

Free Music Apps for Kids

image of free pre piano app for kidsLittle Composers develops free music apps for kids and invites those who enjoy playing to upload their songs for others to see and maybe even play.


Little Composers has a special app for children who are not yet at the reading stage. Think of this app as the first music teacher (more…)


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