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A different way to learn about music

Apps running on powerful smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way we live and provide a different way to learn about music.

We need a different way to learn about music

Why? Simple. Every child is different. 
Traditional music lessons have been the same for centuries. Parents bring their child to a music teacher and practice lessons from music books. Every child gets to play and learn from basically the same books and many get bored and quit. That cycle repeats every year and the blame is usually on the student. Some parents try a different teacher which is a good idea and sometimes even produces the results they expect.
But what does it really mean if a child quits music lessons? Well, it could mean a lot. In my experience, the students don’t find classical training exciting enough to spend two or more hours every day playing the piano. And who can blame them? After all, they won’t grow up to play Mozart or Bach for a living and only a small fraction finishes the program and do I dare to say it, become music teachers. And so the cycle repeats. Music teachers teaching what they learned to a new generation of children who rather play games than practice every day.

Quitting music lessons can be a good thing

It never failed to amaze me when new piano students started their lessons with me based on some recommendation from someone who wanted to be helpful and pointed towards an alternative.
Teaching music is easy because every child is already musical. Every child has music built in and it is the job of the music teacher to find what is there and begin to build it.
Little Composers has been a long time in the making and it is only now that electronic devices that connect to the internet make it possible to learn what we want to learn.
Think about it. The internet is there 24/7 and you chose what you want to see. Do you want to kill time or do you want to satisfy your curiosity and actually learn something?

Online learning mostly provides different ways to learn about music

I love online learning and admire the young generation because they have some much in front of them.
The song “What a Wonderful World” says it best:

I hear babies cry,
I watch them grow.
They’ll learn much more,
Than I’ll ever know.

2015 and beyond is the age of learning but not just learning as we “had to” learn. No, this time, it is learning what we want to learn.

If you have a child which is creative and love music then visit Little Composers and experience a radically different way to learn about music
Gone are the days of printed music books. Little Composers starts even young children by letting them compose their own music right from day one.
It’s hard to describe what happens when a young brilliant mind begins their musical journey with PRE PiANO, an app especially made for children who are not yet at the reading stage and moms who never had any music lessons.

Do it yourself music lessons

image of do it yourself music lessons

Our “do it yourself music lessons” are cheap and just as effective as taught by a music teacher. – Ernst Renner, Little Composers founder

Calling all moms!

For many people, lessons of any kind are a big luxury especially now that everything has become so expensive. Little Composers has just developed a new music method which is perfect for moms who want to teach their children music lessons.

Mom, my first music teacher

What? That is the usual reaction when we show parents the Creative Children Compose Music method from Austria. At first, parents are certain that they can not teach their child or children because they never had music lessons, don’t read music and worst of all, have no way of providing an instrument.

Little Composers provides:

  • The virtual instrument
  • Over 1000 unique lessons
  • A user interface which takes seconds to learn
  • A built-in virtual music teacher … just in case

You provide:

  • A little bit of time
  • A willingness to praise your child
  • Encouragement

Does this sounds like something you want to know more about?

Let’s look at the Creative Children Compose Music method in more detail.

How do we get the music apps?

Visit www.LittleComposers.com and give them a try right now. Depending on “when” you read this, you might even get a free premium membership or, sign up for a free membership which gets you all the apps you need to start teaching your child.

Depending on your child’s age, you might want to start with PRE PiANO which was custom designed for children of age three and up. Or, if your child is around five years old, then try PRE PiANO KEYS which uses real looking piano keys instead of animals.
Ether way, you can start learning right away and you will be amazed how fast your child will grasp the basics of music. And the best part is that you too will learn something and one day, your learning experience might just be so interesting that others want to hear about it too.

With over 1000 lessons, you and your child will have plenty of material to discover and perhaps, if inspiration strikes, you might even enter the composition contests and become famous.

FREE Premium Memberships!

For a limited time, Little Composers is giving away FREE premium memberships

If your child is interested in music and sounds then go to the Little Composers homepage which has a free demo of the software which teaches children how to compose and play their own music.

FREE Premium Membership

Premium members can access all the latest features of our apps and get access to the latest changes right away. Little Composers is giving away the first 500 memberships for free and those who register now can save US $ 12.00 which means that anyone has access to the advanced modules.

How do memberships work?

Anyone who visits the Little Composers website can open a demo version which we made available so that a parent can test the software functionality on their smartphones, tablets or computers. Once the app runs and the sound works, you can decide if you want to enrol your little one into the “Creative Children Compose Music” method which originates in Austria.

Creative Children Compose Music

Little Composers publishes a very powerful learning system for young children who are not yet at the reading stage. Beginners start with PRE PiANO and once they understand how to compose and play their little melodies, they then move up to PRE PiANO KEYS which is more like a piano.

The best part about joining the Little Composers family is that you get access to much more than the apps. We also publish online music lessons and a special class that teaches note names and music notation.

Learn Note Names

Little Composers offers a complete learning experience and therefore offers a special class which teachers children everything they need to know in order to understand music notation. Any child who studies and takes the lessons serious gets a chance to complete an online quiz and upon passing the quiz, receives a beautiful certificate of completion.

If all of this could benefit your child then simply google “Little Composers” or visit our homepage and begin.
We have awesome apps, YouTube videos and Creative Children Compose Music which is the best  ew music method for young children.

New FREE Music App for Children

PRE PiANO (by Little Composers) is a new free music app for children and lays the foundation for composing and playing simple melodies.image of a little girl looking at the pre piano screen which is a new free music app for children

Can Little Children Compose?

Yes. PRE PiANO has a user interface so simple that a three-year-old can understand it within minutes and you, the mentor, instantly. Because PRE PiANO is for children of age three and up, symbols are used instead of piano keys and the same symbols also serve as notes. Easy to use up and down arrow keys can change the image and touching the image produces the right sound.

This simple recipe was first used to teach a little girl who wanted to have piano lessons at age three and since then, countless children have been introduced to music with the help of some elephants, giraffes and alligators.

How are the images related to the sounds?

The animals have a special meaning and teach much more than just composing and playing. But first, I’d like to explain the names of each animal. To the left is the bird and as you probably have already guessed, the bird represents the b key.
The camel the c key and so on. The elephant, fish, giraffe and alligator all are there because of their name.

But there is a little more than just the names.
The seven animals represent three groups. There are the three land animals which live on land and thus, are represented by the camel, elephant and giraffe. They also look to the right of the screen. The second group are the sea animals like the dolphin, fish and alligator. The sea animals look to the left of the screen which is very important later on when children begin to learn about chords.
The bird isn’t part of any group because it mostly lives in the air. Experienced music students refer to the b as the seventh step and the triad which is build on the seventh step is nether major nor minor.

Major and minor triads

Music becomes interesting when children start to experiment with harmony. Harmony, in simple terms, is adding a second or third note to a sound and by doing so, creating a richer listening experience. Music can become quite complex once we add harmony and therefore, PRE PiANO starts out with just the basics BUT, and this is very important to remember, it does lay the foundation for much more to come.

This unique and beautiful looking app was developed by music teachers and is based on many years of research. You will not find a better app to introduce your child to music. Once a child understands PRE PiANO, it is time to move up to CCCM which approaches composition and playing from a different angle but follows the same principals.

Creative Children Compose Music

This article talks about “Creative Children Compose Music” which is an app based music method for young children.

The only app that teaches children how to compose music

screenshot of the Creative Children Compose Music appCCCM (creative children compose music) is a unique app because it gives children the tools to compose (more…)

Free Music Apps for Kids

image of free pre piano app for kidsLittle Composers develops free music apps for kids and invites those who enjoy playing to upload their songs for others to see and maybe even play.


Little Composers has a special app for children who are not yet at the reading stage. Think of this app as the first music teacher (more…)


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