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Online Piano Lessons for Little Composers

Little Composers just started to publish online piano lessons that help our students with transitioning from the music apps to an actual piano.

The lessons are published on a weekly basis and the first 9 lessons are already online.
The course is free and everyone who passes the quizzes and masters the lessons receives a beautiful music certificate.

More information about the lessons can be found here:


Pre Piano Lessons iPad

Pre Piano Lessons is a new interactive music method that transforms kids into little composers. The application was specifically developed for visual learners who learn faster by constantly creating and analyzing different musical patterns.

The app features a well tested user interface which is so intuitive that even young children can figure it out the moment they start. The big animals at the bottom act as the keyboard and each animal name represents the actual piano key. Camel starts with the letter C and and if you played the camel next to a real piano, you would get the same sound as the C key makes.

The smaller animals are used to compose a short melody which is done by simply touching the arrows. But the real magic happens when touching the octopus button. From that moment on, it’s all about listening, watching, hearing, modifying and most of all, learning.
Pre Piano Lessons is just the beginning and those who outgrow the app can continue learning with “Pre Piano Keyboard” (also on the app store) and finally move up to the “Little Composer Piano” which is a more sophisticated version of Pre Piano Lessons.

Pre Piano Lessons iPad App

During a two year testing period, parents gave us a wealth of feedback and because of that, the Pre Piano Lessons app is the best it can be. Here is what one mom had to say:

“As a radio announcer it is very important for me to have my daughter involved in the world of music. I just want music to mean as much to her as it does to me. So it made sense to start her in it as soon as possible. I found Little Composers and instantly knew it was for us! It really is brilliant and easy to follow along. I highly recommend it for you and your “little composer.” ~ Trish W.

If you want to encourage your child to create music on his own, then don’t hesitate and download the app right away as you are bound to enjoy this experience.
Please rate this app and share your opinion with us on the Little Composers Facebook page
App Features:
• Easy to use interface delivers instant results
• Thousands of patterns to compose and learn from
• Adjustable play-back speeds and animated keys
• Dedicated help page, how-to videos and support
• Prerequisite for “Pre Piano Keyboard”

Pre Piano Mentor Certificate

The pre piano mentor certificate is issued by Little Composers and awarded those those who pass the online exam.


Pre Piano Mentor Study Guide

The study guide is available in form of an eBook and once the candidate feels ready, she / he can take an online quiz to receive a grade. The certificate will be issued a few days  later.

About the program

We are doing this mostly to get children into music lessons instead of only playing computer games. This is why the mentor program was created. The curriculum is easy to follow and all a mentor has to know are basic note names, the musical tempo rules and how to praise and encourage. The later two are the most important skills to have because they influence the little composer and set the direction for success.

How much does a pre piano mentor make?

Depending on your location, the fee charged by the mentors varies. We encourage you to look at online listings such a Craigslist and examine the fees much teachers charge in your area. In the US and Canada, a going rate is around $20.00 per 30 Minutes. Again, it all depends where you live and how much you feel you want to charge.
What ever amount you decide on, please know that you keep 100% of the money and you do not need to pay a commission to Little Composers. 

How many students does a pre piano mentor teach?

Little Composes is a relatively new website but we have a growing user base. The way a pre piano mentor will find students is by posting ads on Craigslist or similar places and by letting people in their community know that they are now teaching music lessons to children age four and up.

We will help with supplying the text and images for the ad plus, we’ll issue a beautiful pre piano mentor certificate to help parents chose the best person for the job. It is hard to get a student base going and can take as long as a year but it is possible and as already mentioned, we will help and support everyone the best we can. If the mentors are willing to post the ads on a regular basis the success will come because hard work usually gets rewarded.

What kind of device / computer does a mentor need?

Little Composers recommends a tablet such as the Apple iPad or similar. A large screen smartphone would be OK to get started and a laptop is also acceptable especially if it has a touch screen as many $500 laptops now have. If someone needs help with equipment related questions or any other information then simply post on the Little Composers Facebook page or reply here to this post.

How to get started?

If mentoring a musical child is something you are interested in then it is best to visit www.littleComposers.com and get a good look at the website. You will find a teacher link in the footer menu which has a pre qualification form to get started. Everyone who fills out the form will get a reply.
Please know that since this program is new, we’ll only accept 12 mentors this year. This way, we can provide quality support for everyone and expand again some more in 2017.

We look forward hearing from you!

How can I teach my child to play the piano?

Times are tough and parents are rethinking their finances which is why more and more moms want to know how they can teach their child to play the piano without spending a lot of money on lessons

YOU CAN teach your child how to play the piano and save a lot of money by doing so

We live in a different world where computers and especially the internet empower us to do incredible things which the generation before us could only dream about. 20 years ago, beginning music lessons meant to buy or rent an instrument and find a good teacher that isn’t too far away. Once a parent managed to do that, they then needed to drop of their children every week in time for their piano lessons. Not to forget, there was also the monthly payment of $50.00 or even $80.00 depending on how much the teacher or music school would charge.

PRE PiANO is a new app which turns any mom into a great music teacher

What does it take to teach a child how to play the piano? Well, not as much as you think. Surprisingly, most moms tell us that there is no way that they could teach music. The number one reason is that they never had music lessons and therefore are not able to teach. Little Composers is about to change that belief and with the release of PRE PiANO, any parent or nanny can teach the basics of music to beginners.

Encourage, praise and challenge

Knowing about music is not important when teaching piano to a beginner. Our app handles almost all the teaching for you but there is one thing which we don’t want an app to do and that is giving praise and encouragement. As a parent, this is your job and the better you are at encouraging your child the more it will learn. This sentence is so important that it should be read twice. So let’s all remember that without encouragement and praise little, if anything, happens.
Can you say “well done” or “wow, that was amazing”? If yes, then you have what it takes to introduce your child to playing the piano with the help of PRE PiANO by Little Composers

We offer support and constant updates for all of our apps and if you visit www.LittleComposers.com right now, you can even register for free and get upgraded to a premium membership which lets you access everything we have. If your children love music then teach them how to compose and play their own music. 
It is easier than you think.

PRE PiANO Lessons for Beginners

image of pre piano lessons showing app screen preview

There is not much up-to-date teaching material for young children which is why Little Composers started to publish PRE PiANO LESSONS for children. Because so many kids have now access to an iPad or similar tablet computer with a touch screen, the PRE PiANO LESSONS are best experienced on these new devices.
To get the best performance, you should make sure that a recent web browser such as google chrome or Firefox are installed. The apps take advantage of the latest optimizations found in all current web browsers which allow for audio playback at native speeds. This means that the child will hear the sound as soon as the surface it touched.


PRE PiANO LESSONS are not free and parents who want to enrol are asked to pay a yearly fee of US$ 25.00 which provides access to the premium members area of www.littleComposers.com
Most children should be able to easily finish the three levels within a year which makes the lessons very affordable. If desired, the child can then move up to the Little Composers Academy or just keep composing music for fun. Everything that is learned can be used to master all of the Little Composers music apps which receive constant updates and performance improvements.

If you are interested then reserver your spot now

The PRE PiANO LESSONS will be moved to a dedicated server and set up so that 1000 students can access the lessons anytime. If you are interested in enrolling your child or children then sign up for a free membership by visiting the Little Composers website.
This way, you will receive an announcement when the lessons start and qualify for special support which is provided on a one-on-one basis.

To try out the apps, simply visit the Little Composers website and see how your child likes composing and playing. There is lots more to see and we always welcome feedback and improvement suggestions.

Free Music Apps for Kids

image of free pre piano app for kidsLittle Composers develops free music apps for kids and invites those who enjoy playing to upload their songs for others to see and maybe even play.


Little Composers has a special app for children who are not yet at the reading stage. Think of this app as the first music teacher (more…)


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