How to be an amazing teacher

how to be amazing teacher

Do you remember your favorite teacher? If yes then you most likely do so because she/he had a “special way” of presenting the curriculum. Little Composers is more than apps and lessons. We turn moms into music teachers and if you want to become the kind of teacher that a student remembers for ever, then practice the following. Go back …

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How to compose music

the best music apps for young children

Composing music is simple This article is written for moms (dads, nannies and anyone who mentors a young child) and explains how composition works. I have been a musician all my life and reverse engineered many popular songs. First, let’s understand the need for reverse engineering. If you bought the sheet music for a popular song then you get the …

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Little Composers School of Music and Composition for Kids (sticky)

online music certificates for kids

Little Composers publishes online music courses that reward those who finish with beautiful music certificates. This blog post (revision in progress) outlines the concept of online music education which is offered here at the Little Composers School of Music and Composition for Kids. We will publish the full blog post shortly …