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Concept of Music Sight Reading app

Update (Feb. 11, 2017) – This app is now “Virtual Music Teacher”.

Teaching piano students is a joy, especially those students who can sight-read music well. There are many aspects of playing an instrument but being able to sight-read makes things a lot easier.

But this article is for those who are not good at sight reading music

Now there is an app for that (sorry Apple people) and the name of this new app is Concept of Music.

Concept of Music

Before I talk more about this one-of-a-kind app, I’ll show you a screenshot which helps to understand how it works.

As all apps for Little Composers, the left upper corner has the app title which is “Concept of Music” and below a tag line that says “learn to sight read” which is exactly what the app was designed to do.
The right upper corner has three menu buttons which enable a student to see, hear and then play the lesson. In the center is the actual score showing two bars of music. Pressing the NEXT (menu) button will advance the lessons and the process starts over.

The advantage is that beginning music students will be able to hear the melody which makes playing it correctly a lot easier. In time and with many repetitions their confidence level will increase and eventually, they can just sight read the melody und use the PLAY button to check if they make an error which hopefully is not the case.

Every piano teacher has seen her / his fair share of pianos with a marked keyboard showing the key names on the center keys. Because this app doesn’t allow for marking keys, a little readout is included which shows the name of the key pressed. This is an optional feature and can be disabled via the menu but it is off-screen and probably good to have.

The keyboard displays the black keys which are there for orientation but later modules will make use of sharps and flats as well.

We live in exciting times and it brings me joy to produce apps which make learning to sight read easier than it used to be. This app is ideal for children of age 5 and older as there is no upper limit. Those who want to learn or improve their sight reading skills will find the app most useful.

Little Composers apps are only available at the Little Composers website and if you want to be notified when this app gets published I recommend that you sigh up for a free membership account now.

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