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Supplemental information (FAQ’s)

Q: Where can I find the online classes?
We have paused the online classes temporarily because major app improvements made the training videos hard to follow. When an app receives a big make-over, then the teaching portion also has to be redone. How ever, the new videos and better-looking certificates will be back by mid September.
If you want to be notified when we publish the new curriculum then you can pre register now

Q: Do I have any obligations to enroll if I pre register now?
No. Pre registration helps us to understand the demand and prioritize certain courses. You can enroll and even stop if you so desire.

Q: Are there licensing fees for music schools who want to use the Little Composers apps?
No. Anyone is welcome to use these apps as long as they are not sold or the branding is changed. To clarify. The Little Composers trademark can not be removed. More info about our trademarks and copyrights can be found here

Q: What is the composition challenge about?
To reward the students who are enrolled in any of the CCCM classes, we’ve decided to give them a way to publish their best compositions. As a special bonus, we will record the best ones professionally and features them on the Little Composers website if we receive permission (from the composer/parent) to do so.