Module 1201 Module 1 
Unit 12011 Note Names
Unit 22012 Three Rules
Unit 32013 How to Compose
Unit 42014 Composition 2
Unit 52015 Quiz Prep
Unit 6201 Quiz 1
Module 2201 Module 2 
Unit 12016 Erase & Replace
Unit 22017 Right Or Wrong
Unit 32018 Small Changes
Unit 42019 Big Changes
Unit 52010 Best Composition
Unit 6201 Final Quiz
beginner composition course app
Actual screenshot of the prePiano Keyboard app

About this course

Coming this summer

After NOAH, our little composers are able move up to COMP 201 which includes the amazing prePiano Keyboard app. The color-coded keyboard appeals to visual learners and by the time a child completes this course, she/he is able to compose beautiful little melodies with ease.

Course length: 3 weeks
Music certificate: Included
Course cost: TBA

little composers academy music certificate
Course Certificate Sample


  • Completion of NOAH 101 (free corse)
  • Knowing the first 7 letters of the alphabet
  • The ability to identify and see the colors red and white
  • Younger children need supervision by an adult

Students who complete the final quiz with 80% or higher receive a beautiful music certificate from the Little Composers School of Music & Composition.  If your child has an ear for music then you should create your free account and start with NOAH 101 now.
The course is free and takes about two weeks to complete.

Ear Training

Because Little Composers hear more than music

10 built-in ear training exercises are all that’s needed to begin to hear the music.