Module 1202 Module 1 
Unit 12021 Bars Are Boxes
Unit 22022 Mentor
Unit 32023 Composition I
Unit 42024 Composition II
Unit 52025 Quiz Prep
Unit 6202 Quiz 1
Module 2202 Module 2 
Unit 12026 Composition III
Unit 22027 Edit
Unit 32028 Multi Edits
Unit 42029 Rests
Unit 52020 Review
Unit 6202 Final Quiz

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About this course

CCCM 202 course info is being revised because we have added new features to the course app.

Prerequisite: CCCM 201
Music certificate: Yes
Course cost: TBA

little composers academy music certificate
Course Certificate Sample

Students who complete the final quiz with 80% or higher receive a beautiful music certificate from the Little Composers Academy.