Module 1203 Module 1 
Unit 12031 The CoM
Unit 22032 Passing Notes
Unit 32033 Variations
Unit 42034 Variations II
Unit 52035 Variations III
Unit 6203 Quiz 1
Module 2203 Module 2 
Unit 12036 Music Score
Unit 22037 CC Entry 1
Unit 32038 CC Entry 2
Unit 42039 CC Entry 3
Unit 52030 Quiz Prep
Unit 6203 Final Quiz

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Lesson excerpt create music score

Creative Children Compose Music 203

About this course

The third of the composition courses prepares the students to submit their best work for the composition challenge and by doing so, they will learn a lot about composing and publishing.

Prerequisite: CCCM 202
Course length: 3 weeks
Music certificate: Yes
Course cost: TBA

little composers academy music certificate
Course Certificate Sample

Students who complete quiz 3 with 80% or higher receive a beautiful music certificate from the Little Composers School of Music & Composition