Module 1MT 501 
Unit 15011 A Fine Line
Unit 25012 The Staff
Unit 35013 Note Names
Unit 45014 D Note
Unit 55015 E Note
Unit 6501 Quiz 1
Unit 75016 C Note
Unit 85017 B Note
Unit 95018 F Note
Unit 105019 G Note
Unit 115010 a Note
Unit 12501 Final Quiz

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learn music theory note names
Learn Note Names Online Course

Music Theory 501

About this course

virtual music teacher Theo
Virtual Music Teacher Theo

THEO 501 teaches our little composes the note names. After completing this course, students will be able to understand basic music notation and know all the notes they’ve used so far to compose music with.

Course cost: CAN $TBA
Course app: Included
Course certificate: Yes
Start date: Summer of 2020


  • CCCM 202 or higher
little composers academy music certificate
Mustic Theory Course Certificate