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little composers academy pre piano lessons app
Little Composes Academy pre Piano Lessons


Module 1prePiano 404 
Unit 1404 Lesson 1
Unit 2404 Lesson 2
Unit 3404 Lesson 3
Unit 4404 Lesson 4
Unit 5404 Lesson 5
Unit 6404 Lesson 6
Unit 7404 Lesson 7
Unit 8404 Lesson 8
Unit 9404 Lesson 9
Unit 10404 Lesson 10

prePiano Lessons 404

About this course

PPL 403 finishes the sight-reading courses and after a student completes all the lessons, she/he would be able to transfer to a real keyboard or any other instrument. Knowing how to sight-read music is a very valuable skill and if you haven’t yet, we recommend that you take music theory next.


  • prePiano Lessons 403
  • Younger children need minimal supervision by an adult.
  • Use a tablet or smart phone to play the lessons.