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Online Music Courses

Soon, the Little Composers School of Music & Composition will host the following 19 online courses plus a special course for mentors who want to teach the Pre Piano method in their community.  See the supplemental information section below for more details.


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Creative Children Compose Music


Pre Piano Lessons

  • 401 : 20 Lessons
  • 402 : 20 Lessons
  • 403 : 20 Lessons
  • 404 : 20 Lessons
  • 405 : 20 Lessons


  • MT 501
  • MT 502
  • MT 503

Ear Training

  • ET 601
  • ET 602

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Supplemental information

What is the recommended starting age?

NOAH, our first course, was designed for children age 3 – 5 and requires supervision by an adult.
CCCM (201 – 203) can be taken by those who have completed NOAH 101. CCCM requires minimal supervision by an adult.
The advanced composition courses are for children ages 6 and up and continue from where CCCM 203 leaves off.

About Pre Piano Lessons
The first 9 courses teach children to compose music which, in our opinion, is the best and fastest way to learn. Composing music is fun but even “little” composers need to be able to play their compositions perfectly. We’ve created the Pre Piano Lessons for our students who are taking any of the COMP classes as well as older children who have no interest in composing music and rather want to just play.

Course cost
Until further notice, all courses listed above are offered for free and include:

  • Free premium course app
  • 8 – 12 fully illustrated lessons
  • Instructional videos
  • * Printable materials
  • Course quizzes
  • Help & support
  • A Course certificate
    * Student must pass final quiz to qualify

Course length
Most courses are 2 – 3 weeks in length. We have chosen that time frame because it works best for creative children. A lifetime of teaching has shown us that children who creative prefer shorter instructions in order to keep learning.
Please keep in mind that most music students eventually quit. You probably know someone who “use to” take piano lessons. TV and the internet are enemies of creativity for they serve ready-made content. Little Composers on the other hand, is all about creating which is why we don’t use ready-made music lessons. Creative children need to start creating from an early age on and our short courses will give them an additional incentive to finish.

About supervision by an adult
Our beginner courses are targeted towards children who are still at the pre-reading stage. If you are reading this information than you are most likely a parent that already understands the benefits of early music education.
To help children as young as only three years of age getting started with composing, we’ve developed symbol-based instruments and web apps with color-coded keys. If you have already tried NOAH 101 then you know that the user interface UI is so simple that a 3-year old child can understand it quickly. Still, a successful outcome requires that an adult reads the instructions and shows the child how to play the lessons.

The secret of mentoring a child
Many parents are amazed when they see how quickly their child learns. The secret of mentoring a child lies in praising and encouraging. A good teacher is not someone who can play amazingly well but one who listens, asks questions and praises the effort. It’s really that simple.
If a child receives praise and the opportunity to “explain” then success is almost guaranteed. I’ll state is as clearly as I can. If you dedicate about 20 minutes, 4 – 5 times (days) a week and follow the instructions which are embedded into the lessons then you should see good progress and overall positive results.

Course help and support
Registered members get priority help and support. Currently, we are evaluating a live-chat option, closed forums which are monitored by the instructions and direct support via email and contact forms. More information will be available once the member registration page has been activated.

Do I have to register?
Yes. All online learning management systems are based on registered students who receive email notifications, quiz results and advanced notifications when new modules are available.
The course certificates are automatically generated once the student has successfully completed the final quiz. The student name shown on the certificates will be the one you enter when you register.
We will provide additional information once the registration form is online.

The website seems slow
The Little Composers website is served from a data center located in Mountain View California.
The LMS (Learning Management System) software evaluates the login as well as the student progress before serving your content. This takes a few seconds but the more students enroll, the more server power gets purchased. To keep the cost of the courses as low as possible, we ask that you are patient while the courses load.

What is different for registered members?
Logged in members can see an additional menu area above the main menu which looks like the image below. The main menu also updates with additional options once a member logs in.

Can I contact Little Composers for more information?
Yes, we are happy to assist you and look forward to your comments regardless if they are positive or negative because we learn from both.