Being creative is a gift

Being creative is a gift that is bigger than we think. Most people think that being creative means just to make stuff. Creative people juggle many projects and deliver goods and/or services where ever they go. But there is another side of creativity which doesn't get mentioned much.

The other side of creativity

Everyone of us makes many decisions and choices. It's a non-stop process and everything we do is a result of the choices we make. Have you ever heard someone say "what choice did I have?". I always wonder when I hear that phrase and have learned that non-creative types process a limited ability to react. This is not ideal because the less choices we have in our creative "bag", the harder it is to come up with the best solution.

What I learned by watching snooker

Many years ago, the band I was with finished the last set on a cold rainy Monday evening in the middle of nowhere. Around one AM, I shut down the sound system and went upstairs to watch TV. I flipped trough the channels and for some reason, stopped when I found professionals playing a snooker game. I have shot some pool before but didn't understand why snooker would even be on TV. It's boring and nothing happens.


I couldn't have been more wrong. As I watched, I noticed that the shots were easy. The cue ball (white ball) somehow magically always landed on a good spot to make the next shot. The more I watched, the more a I realized that the skill needed to make it so is a formidable one.

What I learned that night

By the time the game was over, I had learned that making the next shot is easy if the cue ball is in a good spot. The question then was how to do that. Well, as everything in life that is special, it needs practicing. The more one practices something, the better one becomes and the more experience one collects on the way.

What does this have to do with creativity?

A lot. Creative people notice a lot more and learn a lot more by watching. When a situation arises that needs a solution the creative kind has many options just like a snooker player has many options. Finding the best one and evaluate the pluses and minuses before proceeding is creativity at work.

Creativity - the not so good part

I am convinced that creativity is key to a better life with less stress and more joy. Unfortunately, there is a negative side to being creative and that part is not so good. When a creative person is surrounded by non-creative people, the experience is usually somewhat frustrating. Non creative people seem to lack logic and see just a tiny portion of a given situation instead of the big picture.


Life is easier if you are with creative people. Learn from them and contribute when you can. Much of what we use was made by people who found a better way to do something cheaper, better and faster. The more you surround yourself with creative people, the more your life will change and you will begin to think different. You will think of more solutions and not only recognize but also implement the good ones. Creativity is changing lives every day and creativity is the key to change yours.

If you happen to have a child that has an ear for music then introduce it to the creative children compose music method which I created to awaken the creative gift early. Thank you for reading.

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