CCCM 201

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Module 1CCCM 1 - Week 1
Unit 1App and Running
Unit 2Empty Boxes
Unit 3Compose with Me
Unit 4First Melody
Unit 5CCCM 1 Quiz 1
Module 2CCCM 1 -Week 2
Unit 1Erase and Replace
Unit 2Second Melody
Unit 3Bigger Changes
Unit 4Silent Notes
Unit 5CCCM 1 Quiz 2
Module 3CCCM 1 -Week 3
Unit 1Breaking the Rules
Unit 2Very Nice Melody
Unit 3How to Play Music
Unit 4Big Review
Unit 5CCCM 1 Quiz 3 Final
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Creative Children Compose Music 201

Course cost: FREE

Course duration: 3 Weeks

About this course

Creative minds learn best by taking something apart to see how it works. With the help of a groundbreaking app, children can take music apart and put it together again in millions of different ways.
The lessons include easy to understand diagrams that brake down complex topics so that everyone can understand them quickly.

The 3 rules of composition

  1. Red keys fill red boxes
  2. White keys fill white boxes
  3. Always end with a C note
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  • Knowing the first 7 letters of the alphabet
  • The ability to identify and see the colors red and white
  • Younger children need minimal mentoring by an adult