COMP 301

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Module 1CCCM 2 - Week 1
Unit 1Boxes and note names
Unit 2Note Groups
Unit 3First Composition
Unit 4CCCM Quiz 1
Module 2CCCM 2 - Week 2
Unit 1Making changes (editing)
Unit 2Second Composition
Unit 3Saving Variations
Unit 4CCCM Quiz 2
Module 3CCCM 2 - Week 3
Unit 1Passing Notes
Unit 2Third Composition
Unit 3Working with Rests
Unit 4CCCM Quiz 3
Module 4CCCM 2 - Week 4
Unit 1Advanced Composition
Unit 2Music Score
Unit 3Publishing
Unit 4CCCM Final Exam
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Course Certificate Sample
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Creative Children Compose Music 2 is the follow up course for CCCM 1 and introduces more advanced concepts such as converting note names to a real music score.

Composition 301

Course cost: FREE

Course duration: 4 Weeks

About this course

This 4-week course uses a groundbreaking app to teach children how to compose real music without taking years of music lessons.
Everyone who scores 70% or higher on the final quiz receives a beautiful music certificate from the Little Composers School of Music and Composition which is located in Vancouver Canada.

What you will learn

  • Box-based format and layout
  • Editing and saving variations
  • How to use rests and passing notes
  • How to convert note names into a music score


  • Knowing the first 7 letters of the alphabet
  • Beginners benefit from completing CCCM 1 first