Online Music Classes
for Visual Learners

Little Composers offers a variety of online courses that teach:

  • Composition
  • Music Notation
  • Music Lessons

Creative Children Compose Music 1

CCCM 1 Course

A breakthrough in music education empowers children to compose their own music.
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Creative Children Compose Music 2

CCCM 2 Course

This free course teaches kids how to compose, edit and convert their melodies to real notes.
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Learn Note Names

LNN Course

This course teaches all the note names a little composer needs to know.
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Upcoming courses

We are still working on revising and tweaking the main courses listed above. Once that is done, three additional courses will be added.

  • Music Notation 2
  • Muse Score 1
  • Music Score 2

What is “Muse Score”?
Muse Score is a free software program and our tool of choice when it comes to scoring music.

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