Early Music Education Course 1

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Module 1EME Week 1 of 2
Unit 1Getting everything ready
Unit 2The Lessons Plan
Unit 3pre Piano for Adults
Unit 4EME Exam 1
Module 2EME Week 2 or 2
Unit 1Rewarding Progress
Unit 2Who is the Teacher?
Unit 3Starting a Studio
Unit 4EME Exam 2

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pre piano teacher course

Early Music Education

Course cost: $48.oo

Course duration: 2 Weeks

About this course

The intent of the EME course is to equip moms, nannies and aspiring music teachers with the skills they need to develop and teach a lessons plan that is suitable for young beginners.
After taking this course, you will be able to teach 6 – 12 months of beginner music lessons to child(ren) ages 3 – 6.

Why do we offer this course?

Little Composers develops groundbreaking apps that focus on composing music because when children compose and edit music, they learn a lot more than playing lessons from a book that leave no room for creativity.

Fast forward to 2018. You have a creative child but you are unsure about teaching the first music lessons at home. Good news. The EME Course is all about mentoring beginners.
The course is divided into 2 modules and 6 classes that teach you:

  • Step-by-step teaching techniques
  • How to prepare the lessons plan
  • How and when to encourage and praise
  • Best teaching techniques and much more

The course will come online later this month and for support reasons, class size is limited to a maximum of 10 students.
This premium course includes a certificate, downloadable teaching templates, premium apps and extended support. The course fee is: CAN $48.00


  • Some prior music lessons (2 years or more)
  • Access to a tablet is preferred but any PC will work

Course support

Enrolled students can post course questions in a members only forum with is moderated by the instructor.
During business hours, live chat might also be available.

About the instructor

e rennerThe Early Music Education (EME) course was created by Ernst Renner at the Little Composers School of Music and Composition and is based on Ernst’s pre Piano® method which originates in Austria.