Pre Piano Lessons 400

screenshot of online pre piano lessons app
My Virtual Music Teacher

Starting early July 2020

PPL 400

About this course

The 400 series of courses have been created to teach sight-reading which means that students are able to play a given melody as it was written by the composer.

Course cost: Free
Course length: 2 weeks
Course app: Included

How to use the app

After you load a lesson, press the SHOW ME button and watch. When the lesson has completed playing, it’s your turn to slowly try and play the melody. For best results, play slowly at first and compare your playing with what you hear when the app shows you how to play the lesson.


  • CCCM 201 or higher recommended.
  • Younger children need minimal supervision by an adult.
  • Use a tablet or smart phone to play the lessons.

Companion course

If you want to learn more about music notation, then you should check out the 500 series of courses