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Ear training for kids

How to use the app

Every time you press PLAY or PLAY AGAIN you generate a new lesson. Here are the steps to get you started:

  1. Press START to generate the first lesson
  2. Listen as the lesson plays all 7 notes for you
  3. Touch the notes and start comparing sounds
  4. Choose a letter and drag it the empty note

How to find the missing note

Image 2: Drag letter to empty note

The above image shows the A B C D E F and G note names which you can drag to the empty note. Careful! you only get 3 attempts to find the missing note.

For many beginners, hearing notes is hard but if you follow a few simple tips, then you too can master this sought after skill by playing a few games.


The easiest way to find the missing note is to touch all 7 notes and compare their sound with the empty note sound. Do any of them sound the same? If yes, then you simply drag the correct note name (letter) down to the empty note. If not, you get 3 attempts to find the correct letter.

Post your score

(Optional). When the game finishes, you can quite the app, start a new game or show us your score by pressing the POST SCORE button.

If you find the missing note on your first try, then you get 10%.
If you find the missing note on your second try, you get 7%.
If you find the missing note on your third try, then you get 4%.
After 3 missed attempts, a new melody will automatically be generated.

ear training game score

One more round of testing

Can you help us with testing our latest app? If yes, then use the contact form to let us know where we should email the app link to.

Q: Which app name do you like better?

Score Board

This app will be released on Monday. No scores have been submitted yet.


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Anyone who wants to start building up their listening skills will benefit from using this app. Once you can guess all notes correctly and achieve multiple 100% scores, then you are ready to move on to more complex apps which challenge you to identify major and minor chords etc.