Little Composers Piano™

If you started your lessons with miniMAL and/or the pre Piano Keyboard, then you can quickly see that the Little Composers Piano is much more sophisticated.

Registered members can load this app from the “My Account” tab (top menu).

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How to use this app

If possible, watch the app introduction video which demonstrates the making of a simple composition. After that, you should load the app and try out the different menu option which are:

  • HELP
    Pressing the help button loads this page and gives you a quick way to return to the instructions here.
    Not every composition works out and pressing NEW SONG will erase everything and let’s you start over.
    The app only records what you play if record mode is on. We’ll cover the record button in more detail in a bit.
    Mentor shows you the note names on the piano keys and guides you as you make your first compositions. For new users, it is recommended to use the app in mentor mode.
  • SONG
    IMPORTANT! You must turn off record mode or you won’t be able to switch to song mode as they do very different things. More about that later.
    What does song mode do? When the app is in song mode, you can save your melody into one of the four slots. An empty slot looks like this: XXXX|XXXX|XXXX|XXXX|…
    How to save a melody
    – Touch a slot to activate it
    – Press SAVE (menu)
    If all slots are full, you can overwrite once that you no longer need or want.
    Think of the 4 slots as storage containers where you can save a melody to and recall it at a later date to make some edits.
    An app that can’t play a composition would be pointless and therefore, we’ve included a way for you to listen. Since musicians are often visual learners, we’ve also animated the keys during playback which means that you can not just hear, but also see the music.
    To the right of the app you see the tempo slider which lets you slow down or speed up the playback speed. When learning to play, you should set it to slow and when listening, you should set it to medium or fast.

Editing your compositions

Important! You can not edit unless you are in record mode.
Let’s say you finished a melody but during playback you notice that something doesn’t sound right. No worries. You can change everything you recorded. There are no limits to how many edits you can make.

Please remember that we don’t just make apps, we also support them and do so gladly.

How to edit (change) a note
Touch the note which you want to change and the app will temporarily zoom into that measure (box). The menu changes as well and give you additional options.
Touch the note that doesn’t sound right and then play a new key. Keep repeating these two steps until you like what you hear. Press DONE to exit play mode.
Don’t forget to save your changes into one of the 4 slots.

I’ve mentioned earlier that record and song mode can not be on at the same time. If you experience problems editing or can not switch to song mode then do a quick check and make sure that you are not in the wrong mode.

Advanced features

If you love composing and want to get the most out of the Little Composers Piano then I recommend that you enroll in the 4-week CES course
The classes are free and teach you many advanced concepts which you can use a building blocks for your own compositions.


Record Mode

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Edit Mode

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Song Mode

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