Virtual Music Teacher

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How to use Virtual Music Teacher

If you are new to reading music and don’t know the note names yet, then press the Level button until is shows “Level 1“.

  1. Press GENERATE
  2. Press SHOW ME
  3. Watch and listen
  4. Play the lesson

Hidden feature! We know that learning to play the piano is not easy at first but fear not, we built in a little advantage that will help if you get stuck.

If you don’t know which key to play, then touch (or click on) the note once and watch which key moves? It’s that easy.

Virtual Music Teacher is the ultimate teaching tool for visual learners who want to master sight-reading music and get to know the note names.
This easy-to-use app is capable of generating over 100000 different lessons with the touch of a button. Once a new lesson is generated, the SHOW ME button demonstrates the lesson just like a music teacher would.

App features:

  • 4 skill levels to speed up learning
  • 100000+ unique built-in lessons
  • SHOW ME plays every lesson slowly
  • Touch aware notes highlight the actual piano key to play
  • App introduction video

The most powerful feature of Virtual Music Teacher are the touch-aware notes. Anytime you get stuck, you simply touch the note you are not sure about to highlight the correct piano key.

Go ahead, surprise everyone and teach yourself how to read music with your very own virtual music teacher today.

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