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About miniMAL

What if a child has an ear for music but isn’t at the reading stage yet? Well, you teach them what they do know and with the help some dolphins, elephants, giraffes and alligators, even the young ones can enjoy the gifts that music brings. miniMAL is perfect for visual learners and hides the complexity of piano keys with a colorful overlay that is easy to memorize and use.
If your child shows and interest in music then make time and play. In 10 years from now you will be glad you did.

App fact: miniMAL can generate 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 unique compositions. Most calculators can not handle this math.

Animal Names

Parents! It is very important that you insist on the following animal names for they were chosen based on the fast that their first letter represents the actual note name.
Example: If your little composers calls the alligator crocodile, then take a moment and watch this video
Here are the actual names you should use:

  1. Bird
  2. Camel
  3. Dolphin
  4. Elephant
  5. Fish
  6. Giraffe
  7. Alligator

How to use this app

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miniMAL is a 3-Step Learning System and so simple to use that even a young child can understand and memorize the app within minutes.The steps are:

  1. Touch the octopus button
  2. Touch the turtle or rabbit button
  3. Play the lesson

After a few tries, encourage your child to use the up and down arrows to make changes to the melody.

Hidden feature! Most of the time, the child interacts with the big animals (piano keys) but during testing, we learned that once in a while disputes arise and to help you settle those quickly, we’ve included a special feature for mom. To try this yourself, touch the little animals (center of screen) and watch what happens. You win (but don’t dwell on it).

virtual music teacher TomNever forget who the teacher is. It is not you but the child. Every day, you should ask questions because you know nothing and aren’t even sure what these animals are actually called. Let your child teach you. If you do this right, then you could witness a powerful transformation in the way your child takes in and processes information. Music lessons are amazing.

Want to learn more about mentoring a child? Consider enrolling in our Early Music Education course which give you a head-start in early music education.

If you need help with this app then go to the support page and see if live chat is available. Alternatively, you can go “My Account” (top menu) and use the contact form.