The best free educational music apps for the classroom 2018 2019

The best free educational music apps for the classroom are now available for educations everywhere. If you teach music classes and need free music apps for your classroom then visit the Little Composers app page now. You can get premium apps for free and pick from a wide variety.

Teach your students to compose music

Music theory is dry but if you teach your students to compose music, then learning will be very different from the last year. Once a child begins to compose, she/he is more likely to develop a deep interest for notes, chords and melodies. Best of all, the right apps can make the task of composing music easy and exciting. What could be more exciting for a child then to compose proper melodies with the help of an easy to use app?

Intuitive and easy to use apps are changing the way children learn

Every teacher knows that teaching changes and every generation of learners seems to bond with new technologies. These days, an iPad or iPhone has become part of growing up. This is especially true in classrooms and music labs right here in north America. Technology is changing the students and the students are changing the teachers. The best part is that music notation and music history are once again reemerging in a new light.

iPad and similar tablet PCs in the classroom

If not already, then soon, an Apple iPad or similar tablet PC from Microsoft or Samsung is the preferred learning device. The technology has become more affordable and the apps range from free to low cost. As a teacher, you have the big advantage of not only knowing the technology, but also evaluating the apps. There are millions of apps that claim that they teach but only a hand full is doing an exceptional job. Therefore, Little Composers invites you to drop by our cloud-based app store and test each and every one of our educational apps. After that, you can take those that work best for your class and install them in your teaching lab.

How do I install cloud-based apps

Cloud-based apps are easier to install and use than those found in the big app stores. There is noting to install except clicking a load button on a web page. This is all that's needed to open a given app.
How do I get upgrades?
Good news. Cloud-based apps are always up to date. As soon as the developers add a feature or improve the app, they compile and upload it to the cloud. This way, you always get the best and latest app delivered right to your device.

Little Composers is now prioritizing educators and educational institutions by providing live chat support for every app.
If you have any questions about getting free or low cost quality apps for your classroom or music lab then visit the Little Composers website or contact us.

We are always happy to support those to teach because music is changing children in many positive ways.
Thank you for reading.

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