Free Music Lessons

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Module 1Free Music Lessons
Unit 1Free Music Lessons 1-4
Unit 2Free Music Lessons 5 - 8
Unit 3Free Music Lessons 9 - 12
Unit 4Free Music Lessons 13 - 16
Unit 5Free Music Lessons 17 - 20
Unit 6Free Music Lessons 21 - 24
Unit 7Free Music Lessons 25 - 28
Unit 8Free Music Lessons 29 - 32
Unit 9Free Music Lessons 33 - 36
Unit 10Free Music Lessons 37 - 40

My Virtual Music Teacher

screenshot my virtual music teacher premium app
My Virtual Music Teacher

40 Free Music Lessons for Little Composers

About this course

Everyone who is composing music with the Little Composers Piano can now learn how to play the compositions with the help of our brand new “My Virtual Music Teacher” app.
The students can listen to every lesson and easily display the note names on the keys.
After completing this course, children will be able to play melodies like the one shown below.

My Virtual Music Teacher Piano Lesson 38
Lesson 38, Unit 10


  • None
  • Younger children need minimal mentoring by an adult

Course support

Enrolled students and parents can post course questions in a members only forum with is moderated by the instructor.
During business hours, live chat might also be available.

About the instructor

e rennerThe Free Music Lessons course was created by Ernst Renner at the Little Composers School of Music and Composition and is based on Ernst’s own pre Piano® method which originates in Austria.