Welcome to the Little Composers School of Music & Composition

Little Composers® is excited to announce upcoming changes that include new apps, major updates to the existing apps and many new online music courses.

This post will update as we reach the milestones and we hope that you will enjoy the gifts that music brings. Stay tuned for new announcements.

The first new addition of 2018 will be a new Virtual Music Teacher app with built-in pre-piano lessons.
Then we'll publish updates to our premium apps that give you more keys, improved piano samples, new app skins and much more.

Registrations are set to start later in January and to celebrate 2018, we are giving away:

  • 10 12-month memberships
  • 20 6-month memberships
  • 50 3-month memberships

We'll post the free membership giveaway a few days in advance on the Little Composers Facebook page

* Existing members will receive additional months depending on which membership they chose.
Visit www.littlecomposers.com to learn more about our next-generation music apps for visual learners.

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