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Encourage Praise and Repeat

A new eBook by Ernst Renner, founder of 

First and foremost, “Encourage Praise and Repeat” is a blueprint-like eBook which gives parents a step-by-step guide to help them with preparing their child or children for the future. By future, I mean the next segment of time when pretty much everything we know today is hardly applicable. Research is now on overdrive and hardly a day goes by without announcing yet another discovery.

Science leads the way to the future and everyone who wants to participate has to acquire the knowledge to do so. Even then, participation is not guaranteed unless one is at the right place at the right time but this eBook is not concerned with that part at all. What matters is acquiring knowledge and how soon a child can start to do so. Some parents might be surprised to discover that their child, by nature, is already an extremely smart human being (which is a very good thing). Think about it. A mom gives birth to a baby and what happens then? Does she rush out to get a language teacher to help the baby learn to speak? Is a walking tutor needed to teach the baby how to walk? Don’t laugh. Around the sweet age of four and up, things change. Some parents begin then to hire professionals or look for the right kindergarten and preschool to start learning baby stuff. Why? Because. Everyone is doing it and therefore it must be the best thing to do.

Let’s back up a few years

Baby is born and baby is healthy. Bravo. So far, so good. With the exception of grandma, the baby is mostly talked to as if it was an adult. By this I mean that the language is adult language. There are no “doo doo doo dee dee dee you are soooooo cute” sentences coming from mom. Instead, she says “hello (name)” and continues the conversation as if the child is already 10 years old.

Why is this important?

Simple. Children learn by imitating and what we, the grown-ups show them, they repeat. To help you quickly understand what’s at stake, I’d like to tell two quick stories. Both are true. A proud father once introduced a three-year old girl to me. The child was held by grandma and at age three was not able to communicate anything that I could understand. As I listened to grandma introducing me also with language I could not understand (doo doo doo, looooky looooky, whoooody whooody) I begun to realize what was going on. I said nothing and complemented my friend on being the father of such a beautiful girl.

Let’s look at a completely different scenario. The other day I entered the elevator and with me came a mom with a three-year old child (I actually asked how old the child was before I exited). Before the door closed, the child pointed towards the button and asked me which floor I lived on. The building I live in has two parkades, a main floor and (I think) 24 floors. I told the little boy that I lived on the 12th floor. That proved to be a challenge because he know the numbers 1 – 10 and 12 was probably not yet something he was familiar with. I quickly updated my answer with “one, two” instead of 12. That was perfect and he pressed the button for me. Another time, he asked me about my wife which he knows by name!?!? Mentioning this elevator conversation to my wife confirmed that they have a little chat now and then. Do you see the difference?

What you say and how you say it makes all the difference in the world

Parents are becoming more and more aware of this fact and don’t need to be told how to talk to their child. Praise Inspire and Repeat (the eBook) takes over around the time when they need to climb the first of many “knowledge steps”. Special attention has been paid to make sure that the steps are given in the right order and the whole learning process hinges on music which is a time-tested method to foster a child’s creativity and much more.
Ideally, to get the most out of this eBook a parent should have access to a tablet such as an iPad or similar. The eBook takes advantage of specific apps which were created to inspire children to compose their own music and by doing so, learn the importance of thinking in clusters (whole concepts instead of little unrelated ideas). Most parents are lost when it comes to music although they know about the advantages but still, it isn’t something they feel comfortable. Well, that’s not a problem and those who give it a try will quickly discover that every parent can teach the first musical steps with the help of intelligent apps that do almost all the teaching but in a way that isn’t so obvious.

Praise your child

With the help of technology, teaching is no longer an issue. What seems to be the greatest hurdle to the way children learn is the lack of praise and inspiring words. This is particularly in issue if a parent didn’t receive words of encouragement or praise while growing up. Unfortunately, the only way to overcome this problem is to let it go.
So how then do you teach your child with maximum impact? It’s not as hard as you might think. Simply make time to play and listen to them. Engage them in a conversation and give them room to teach you. To make that happen, you have to ask the right questions which is an art in itself but if you really work on it, you will get good at it and the result will be a smart and brilliant child who does well in school.
Never stop praising and encouraging. To much is better than too little. Be patient and remember that Rome wasn’t build in a day. Every day is a new learning experience but before too long, you will develop the skill to interact with your child on a much more mature level then other kids in the same age group and other will compliment you as I did when I told the mom of the child who pressed the elevator button for me. The good news is that it doesn’t end there. You will go far and hopefully find really good teachers who don’t instruct but instead continue to ask the right questions and continue with praising and encouraging. Plenty of students remember their favorite teacher and speak kind of her or him. Why? Think about it. Teachers make a huge difference in our lives and if the teaching starts early and on the right track then the rest is almost predictable.

If you happen to be the parent of a child age 4 – 6 then visit the Little Composers website and try some of the virtual teaching tools which can help you to make the best of those most important and crucial years. One day you will be glad you did.

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