The Little Composers School of Music & Composition provides online music courses and virtual instruments for creative children.

To access the courses,  we ask that those who have completed the free NOAH 101 course register a free account. Anyone who has registered will be able to log in to the actual student portal and continue the lessons.

Membership options

Little Composers offers four membership:

  1. Free
  2. Basic
  3. Premium
  4. Mentor Me

Free membership

Everyone who creates a free account gets access to:

  • NOAH 101
  • pre Piano Lessons

Basic membership

The most cost effective option is the basic membership which includes:

  • All course material
  • Basic certificates*

Premium membership

Premium members get:

  • All course material
  • Premium certificates*
  • Priority support

Mentor Me

The mentor me membership includes one-on-one instructions and is only available for the advanced composition classes.

  • All course material
  • Premium certificates*
  • Live chat support
  • Video lessons
* To earn a course certificate, students must pass the final quiz with the required course percentage.

Course cost

To cover the server and continued development cost, we charge a small membership fee which means that you can access a whole course for less than a single piano lesson costs.  Once the courses get published, the course info will clearly state the enrollment fee.

Course index

  • NOAH 101
  • NOAH 102
  • NOAH 103
  • NOAH 104
  • COMP 201
  • COMP 202
  • COMP 203
  • COMP 204
  • HEAR 301
  • Pre Piano Lessons 400
  • Pre Piano Lessons 401
  • Pre Piano Lessons 402
  • Pre Piano Lessons 403
  • THEO 501
  • THEO 502
  • THEO 503
  • THEO 504


To give you the best possible service, Little Composers takes only 80 students per year. If you enroll, you must specify:

  1. User name (anything you like)
  2. E-mail address
  3. Students first and last name

User name
Note that the user (nick) name can not be changed once you complete your registration. We will use what ever name you pick when we contact you.

E-mail address
The email address you provide is crucial for the content learning management system. Every time a new course module is available, you get notified.
Your childs quizz grades as well as certificate link(s) are also e-mailed to you via that e-mail address.

Student name
Upon successful course completion, the web server will generate a music certificate and uses the information you entered to populate the name field.

If you need additional information about the registration process then it’s best to contact us

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