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In a few days, the Little Composers Piano app will receive a big update which converts your child's compositions into a real music score. Take a look at the app screenshot to see what your composition will look like.

How to take part?
If you haven't yet, then pre-register your free account which is needed to load the app. Right now, registration is still free but ends in:

Actual screenshot of chidlren's composition app

Actual app screenshot showing the new scoring feature.

image of Patricia R how composed her first song today.

Published: Nov 26, 2016
Composer: Patricia, Philippines
Age: 7
Did mom help? No
Total Compositions Submitted: 1
This melody was uploaded 1 week ago
Song Name: Patricia's Melody

Level : Beginner

music score showing piano notes 001
Press play to hear "Patricia's Melody"

Thank you for submitting your beautiful composition. We love it! - Little Composers

image of Thomas how composed her first song today.

Published: Nov 26, 2016
Composer: Vitali, Canada
Age: 8
Did mom help? Yes
Total Compositions Submitted: 1
Song Name: Just A Song

Level : Advanced

music score showing piano notes 002
Press play to hear "Just A Song"

Vitali's mom took several years of music lessons and they composed a really beautiful melody together. Great job! - Little Composers

Parents: Log in and publish your child's compositions here!

The Little Composers homepage has a YouTube video (bottom of page) and instructions to get you started.

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