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Famous Little Composers
Composition Challenge 2017

Last updated on Dec 20th, 2016

How to get started

It only takes three steps to become a famous little composer

1 Register

Registration is free and you can load the app as soon as you log in.

2 Make a composition

Please watch the two getting started vidoes before you load the app.

3 Upload your composition

Upload your compositions to the Famous Little Composers Gallery.

  1. Register (it's free) to get the Little Composers Piano (premium version)
  2. Login and watch the app introduction videos which show you everything you need to know.
  3. Compose and upload the best composition(s) on behalf of your child.
Check this page and see which ones got published.
Answer The Composition Challenge 2017 is open to all children age 6 - 12.
Answer Parents can submit compositions now. We publish every composition submited and feature the better ones for additional recognition.
Answer We would love to award money or other gift prizes to recognize the best entries but strict laws would make doing so illegal. Only bug corporations who can afford to pay lawyers 100's of 1000's of Dollars get to give away prizes. As a new startup, we simply have to wait until we find a corporate sponsor before we give away stuff.
Having said that please know that rewarding your child is extremely important and motivating. Therefore, we encourage you, the parent, to provide some kind of recognition for every composition your child completes.
The experience and knowledge a child gains by completing a composition can pay unimaginable dividends in the years to come.


As soon as we get enough submissions (we just released the app a few days ago), we'll start to post them and choose the composer of the week, month and more. Everyone who gets featured as described above will receive a beautiful certificate. We are still working on additional reward options.

Featured Compositions

Editors Note: We've added the note names so that our students can re-create these compositions and learn more about composing.

image of Patricia R how composed her first song today.

Composer: Patricia, Philippines
Age: 7
Did mom help? No

Song Name: Patricia's Melody

Level : Beginner

music score showing piano notes 001
Press play to hear "Patricia's Melody"

Thank you for submitting your beautiful composition. We love it! - Little Composers

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screenshot of the virtual music teach app
Screenshot of the Virtual Music Teacher app
banner image showing a 3D render of the pre piano keyboard