Frequently asked questions

How to I enroll my child in an online music course?

The first step is to register your free account

Doing so, adds you to the registered members group and as such, you get access to the free courses.

We are still working on the courses but the first ones are almost ready to be published (early May).

The courses will be free.

HELP! I can't I log in

The online classes portion of the Little Composers website is still undergoing code changes and it could be that we are rebooting the server.

If that happens, then try again in about 5 - 10 minutes.

If you still can't log in, then contact us so that we can take a look on your behalf.

Course certificate info

Most of t he online courses come with a beautiful certificate of completion or achievement which can even be downloaded an printed.

When you register, you are asked to fill in a first and last name.
Please make sure that you use the first and last name of the "student" because the certificate will take the name from your registration and use it to populate the name fields.

Note. The actual name only shows on the certificate and is not used anywhere else on the site.

Are the apps on Google Play and iTunes?

Yes. Most of our apps are available on Google Play, Apple iTunes and the Windows Store.

Use the black app store logo buttons to get the apps.

Here are the app download links

Are the apps free?

Yes. Most of the Little Composers apps can be downloaded for free.

Some apps were specifically developed to be used for one or more of the online classes.
If a course includes an app, then the app is included for free.

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