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What is this site about?

Little Composers offers:

  • Easy-to-use apps for early music education
  • FREE online courses with music certificates
  • FREE online piano lessons
  • Help and support

Easy-to-use apps

Does your child have an ear for music? If yes, then you came to the right place. Check out the apps page to get the download links
*** Some apps are only available to those who enroll in a specific course.

Free online courses

Most of the courses can be taken over a period of 4 weeks and those who complete the final quiz with 70% or higher, receive a beautiful music certificate from the Little Composers School of Music and Composition

Free online piano lessons

Everyone is welcome to try our free online piano lessons that include everything you need to get started today, even the instrument.

Help and support

Each app comes with a dedicated help page which is accessible from within the app. The app help pages also include a getting started video, written explanations and an "ask us a question" form.
The online courses as well as the piano lessons are supported via a dedicated support forum which is only open to enrolled students.

How is this useful to me?

Little Composers offers ground-breaking apps and teaching courses that are not available anywhere else.
We focus on composition and creativity and therefore do not color-code the piano keys. Creativity is making choices and choosing something that matches. The apps include 1000's of unique lessons and the Little Composers Piano encourages the children to not only compose, but also to publish their compositions.
The learning experience gained by composing, editing, playing and publishing music is powerful enough to change a child's future. If your child is creative then you should register your free account today. The sooner a child starts, the greater the head-start.
If you child is still at the pre-reading stage, then begin with Pre-Piano Lessons and when ready, advance to the Pre-Piano Keyboard
Older children can benefit from Virtual Music Teacher

We look forward to share the next few weeks and months with you and can't wait to see your child's compositions.

How much does it cost?

Right now, the classes are FREE. The online piano lessons are also free. The apps are often available for free from Apple iTunes, Google Play and the Windows Store and when not, cost about the same as a chocolate bar.

Try a sample piano lesson now

What do I do next?

Register your free account. If you just want to use the apps, then you don't even have to register.

Ask us a question

What kind of problem?

Problem with an appProblem with a courseProblem with the websiteNone of the above


Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to register in order to enroll in an online class?

When your child finishes a class and passes the final exam, she/he will receive a beautiful certificate of completion. We use your registration data for populating the various fields in the certificate.
Note: Every course issues a different certificate. The one shown below is just a sample.online piano lessons certificate


Course emails after enrolling

When you enroll in a course, you will get emails that provide course specific information.
Emails are sent automatically when:

  • You enroll in a course
  • You complete a course module
  • Pass a course quiz
  • Pass the final exam
  • The course certificate is issued

Any time you ask for support, we also answer your inquiry by email. Other than that, Little Composers will not contact you.

Do your free apps have google ads in them?

No. All of our apps are 100% ad free. The website or blog may have some ads to help cover the server costs but we keep them to a minimum.

Are the apps in any app stores?

Yes. Visit the APPS page (main menu) to get all of the app store links

At what age should we start my child in music lessons?

This is one of the most asked questions and the answer is the sooner, the better. Children should hear and play music early on which is why we made the Pre Piano Lessons app.

Will your apps work on my computer?

If your computer is less than 10 years old, you should be fine. For younger children, a tablet with a touch screen yields much better results because it's easier to use.

Can we use the apps on a smartphone?

Yes but in the long run, it's better to get a bigger device to prevent eye strain. The best solution would be a tablet such as an iPad or something similar.

Where can we get help when we need it?

Each app comes with a dedicated help page which is accessible right from within the app itself. Just touch or click on the help button to open it. Each help page has a getting started video, written explanations and an "Ask us a question" form.

I am a music teacher. Can I use your apps in my studio for free?

Yes. Any app that you download from one of the app stores is 100% yours.

Will you come to my house and teach our children?

At this point, Little Composers provides online music lessons but we are in the process of developing partnerships with teachers who cater to young children (Early Music Education).

Do you have apps for adults or only for children?

Originally, we started out making the apps for young children but lately, we get many support questions from seniors who are starting music lessons in their retirement. Music is for everybody and one is never too old to start learning something new.

I can not teach my child!

We hear that a lot. Don't worry, most parents feel that way until they try the apps themselves. 90% of the teaching is done by the apps which leaves you with encouraging and praising your little composer. That is what a good teacher does and no one is more qualified to do that than a parent.