NOAH 101 : Lesson 2


Yesterday, we learned the Camel and Dolphin notes and today, we add the Elephant E note.

learning note names E

Above the Dolphin is the Elephant note. The more notes we add, the better the melodies will sound and using 3 notes gives us many nice combinations.

Read before you teach

  • Memorize the elephant note name
    Try to mention the elephant name throughout the lesson enough times to give your best student plenty of opportunities to get used to it.
  • Press the turtle button
    After the app has loaded, press the turtle button and then both of you watch and listen.
  • Demonstrate
    Use your index finger to play lesson 2 slowly. The keyword is slow and even. Don’t rush the camels at the end.
  • Let the student play
    Today’s lesson should be played 3 times. Don’t interrupt while the student plays. If something sounded off, wait ’till all 7 notes have been played and then make a “suggestion”. Have a little talk and press the turtle button once more to get the right grove.
  • Praise the effort
    Regardless of how it went, praise and encouragement are your only option. Your challenge is to teach in a way that makes the child come back tomorrow for more.
Once you had a moment to reflect on the above text, you are ready to begin.
free online piano lesson 2n
NOAH Lesson 2

Bonus Lesson

If your child is able to play the main lesson nicely then break up the session with a little 1 to 2-minute “talk“. Chat about how dolphins love to swim and that elephants are strong etc.
Wind down the session (lesson) with more positive feedback and encouragement.  If possible, praise your best student in the presence of another grown-up and express amazement how well the lessons are going.

Suplemental Information

Every lesson will be different. Some days are better then others. We recommend to keep the lesson length to 10 – 15 minutes, depending on how much time was used for praising, asking questions and listening to answers.

If, for some reason, the learning time conflicts with TV then it’s best to postpone and find a better time. Mornings (if you have time) would be better than afternoons.

No, it’s better to use the index finger only just like children do when they play computer games.
Think of it this way. A professional secretary types with all 10 fingers when entering data in the office. when she texts on a smartphone then her typing skills do not apply.

Here are some phrases you can use when your child finishes the last (7th) note.

VERY NICE! I love how nicely you play this melody.

I can’t wait for XXXXX to hear you playing. She/he will be so amazed. Well done.

Can you teach me how to play this melody? You play it much better then I do.

Help & Support

Please contact us if you need additional information or to clarify a topic.