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NOAH 101 : Lesson 3


Today’s lessons uses the C D and E notes in new ways. The goal is to establish a feel for the tempo before we add more notes.

NOAH bonus lesson 3
Notes Lesson 3


NOAH will convert the above notes to:

free online piano lesson 3n
NOAH Lesson 3

Just like yesterday, you listen, demonstrate and then let the child take over. Ideally, the student should play the lesson 4 to 5 times. Keep the flowing points in mind as you mentor your best student.

  • Watch out for timing issues
    There are two skills when it comes to playing an instrument at the beginning stage. One is to play the correct notes and the other is the tempo.  Both are equally important.
  • Use the turtle and rabbit buttons
    They provide good guidance for getting used to the ideal playing speed (tempo).
  • Encourage a slow but steady speed
    It is never right to rush a melody.

When ready, load the lesson.

Bonus Lesson

Creative children learn faster if their mind has two tasks to work on. Demonstrate this lesson and after the child plays it say 2 or 3 times, take a little chat break. See if you can get the student to teach you something? Once the eyes and mind have had a chance to rest a few minutes, repeat the bonus lesson 2 more times. End the session with praise.

NOAH bonus lesson 3


Suplemental Information

Yes and no. On one hand, a six-year old might not feel challenged by the lessons but there is more to it than we think. The art of becoming good at something is discipline. Those who tend to rush at the beginning often give up before they finish.
If your child is pushing for more lessons then remember the list which explained asking questions and listening. One way to slow down is to introduce a guessing game where you play a note and have the child guess which one you played. This way, you increase the listening time and fill out the session without rushing to the next one.

Speed. Younger children benefit from a slower listening speed while older children (5 and up) would be ready for a faster playback and listening experience.
If the student has problems with the timing (speed) and needs to pause between different notes then use the turtle button which will establish a slower feel and make the lesson a bit easier to play.

Unfortunately, many moms use a smartphone and therefore we need to make the most of the small screen space. Instead of adding an additional menu, it would be best to just use the browser back and forward buttons to navigate in between the lessons and the app.

The advantage of providing the content this way results in smaller data downloads as the content is cached on your device.

Help & Support

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