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NOAH 101 : Lesson 4


So far, we’ve started our lessons on a Camel (C note). Today’s lessons begin with a Dolphin to expand the hearing.

NOAH bonus lesson 4
Notes Lesson 4


NOAH will convert the above notes to:

free online piano lesson 4n
NOAH Lesson 4

About the lesson

The smallest change often makes a big difference and to establish a wider point of reference, today’s lessons start with a Dolphin instead of the usual Camel.

If everything went well then this is your fourth day of mentoring a child. Please remember the routine of using the playback buttons (turtle or dolphin) as soon as the app loads.  If you feel comfortable, with the child starting right away then do so. Just make sure that you get a turn in playing the lesson at least once.  Listening (while ether the app or you play the lesson) is what we are really after. The musical ear establishes reference points by listening.  Ready?

Bonus Lesson

The bonus lesson provides an alternate melody which is made up of the same notes as the main lesson except that the notes are in a different order. Finish off today’s session with 3 repeats and then some encouragement and praise.

NOAH bonus lesson 4b


Suplemental Information​

Ask an listen. A good teacher listens to a student and uses questions to stir the conversation in the right direction. This is an art and might not come natural to you but still, you can’t fail. Think of it as if the child is teaching you. Try to ask in a way as if you want to learn because you are not sure.

The good news is that you can talk about all kinds of things like if a fish swims faster than a dolphin or if a camel can run faster than a giraffe. I was always blown away then a 3-year old lectured me and I always remembered 80 – 90% in order to give “my little teacher” a chance to explain some more. You could say that I was not very smart.

Please do not push the child to play fast. Steady playing is of much greater value than a fast playing speed with “hiccups”. Always try and mimic the tempo of the turtle or rabbit. The turtle button is especially useful for very young children as it provides better visuals.

We hope that you see the progress and that your child is beginning to understand the app.  Please contact us if you feel that we didn’t explain a topic well and most of all, be patient.  The progress is most likely much bigger than you realize. 

Sadly, most people don’t achieve their full potential because they were never taught the power of repetition.
Let me be clear. No one ever plays a lesson perfect but those who don’t give up and try again and again get better.

Let’s say that you are late for work again and when you finally arrive, you get called into the office.
You try to explain the situation and before long get into a mess of sentences that don’t get finished and the answers you give fall apart and you wish you hadn’t said it that way.

You are called to the boss’s office and explain that you pulled into the gas station to fill up but couldn’t because when you did some online banking the night before, you left your credit card on the computer desk.
Imagine for a moment if you really worked on that story and after repeating it a few times, you had it down perfect. THAT is the difference between practicing and just winging it.
This was just an example to demonstrate the advantage of going over a situation a few times beforehand.

Help & Support

Please contact us if you need additional information or to clarify a topic.